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CENSORSHIP: YouTube or Govt Trolls? r3VOL OneTruth4Life's Sarcastic Satire Critical of Govt gets DELETED!

Kid Critical of Government Gets Vid DELETED by YouTube

Published on Oct 5, 2013

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Historically, one of the leading causes of death in the world is Government. So, if it shuts down, shouldn't everyone be ecstatic?

This kid questions what in the world we would do and what kind of freedom would we have if we shed the current system.

The original video, was deleted: Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cfl878CQjYs

Script written by OneTruth4LIfe
Delivered by "the kid"

For YouTube staff members and web crawlers: ALL Music and ALL content is original.

** I'm a subscriber to his channel. I first saw the new video upload notice on my phone. As I was trying to post it here as a new thread, the video was being de-listed and deleted by YouTube, as I was typing. No Joke. And, when refreshed, was left with this:

This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content.

Beacause, apparently to YouTube, videos by real NeoNazis, REAL official govt-propaganda YT pages, such as US Govt's ALONG with the official YT page for the govt of N. Korea (DPRK-TV, DPRK-Radio, DPRK-'News') and all videos uploaded at each respective YT pages, aren't "spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content."

Even though, OneTruth4Life's videos weren't commercial, nor a spam nor selling any scams, like those govt propaganda channels, in particular, the oBUSHmaScare PR-page, Whiteore House YT, and oBUSHma's 'NGO' PR-arm Dear Leader-TV.

Actually while you guys are at it, please DO check out some of N. Korean Govt's official propaganda youtube videos, then compare it to 'our' own govt's: see if there really is that much difference.

Really, compare them.

Other than production value, IMO, zero difference.

Propaganda is propaganda is propaganda, no?

P.S. To those who're always eager to trod out the de rigueur faux-'uber freemarketeer'-trope of 'They're a private business! They can censor whomever they want!'??

NEWSFLASH: the likes of Google, are NOT "private."

They're a quasi-govt, corporatist operation.

They are a CIA/NSA adjunct: like how Erik Prince's Blackwater was set up by the CIA to simply openly profit off of schit they've done for years, once off budget:

But the most noteworthy thing about the largely failed prosecution wasn’t the outcome. It was the tens of thousands of pages of documents—some declassified—that the litigation left in its wake. These documents illuminate Blackwater’s defense strategy—and it’s a fascinating one: to defeat the charges it was facing, Blackwater built a case not only that it worked with the CIA—which was already widely known—but that it was in many ways an extension of the agency itself.

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