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Good Read: Collected Quotes from DPR of Silk Road Fame

I didn't pay much attention to Silk Road until the FBI nabbed the guy they think is it's creator, (Dread Pirate Roberts in the Silk Road Forum). Andy Greenberg put together a nice collection of quotes from some of his posts:



"In fact, this is the beauty of libertarianism. The people are free to choose what system they want. No need for one size fits all government solutions. If you want to use a debt based inflationary monetary system, go right ahead, doesn’t affect me so long as you don’t try to force me to use it as well."

w/r/t/ Ron Paul, "A mighty hero in my book."

"Liberty is not a pill that makes men angels. What it does do is limit the extent to which evil can be expressed in the world. "

"Anything you do that is outside the control of the state is agorist, so in some sense we are all agorists whether we know it or not. Some people just take those actions because of the personal gain they can obtain, which is perfectly fine, but some do it as a conscientious objection and act of rebellion against the state as well. . I’m out to turn unconscious agorists into conscious active ones. :)"