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This Fall's Hottest Accessory: Fake Service Dogs?

This Fall's Hottest Accessory: Fake Service Dogs?

Frustrated by Fake Service Dogs
People are posing their pets as service animals to give them an all access pass to grocery stores, restaurants, and other places where pets are not allowed. Disabled people with real service dogs say this fraud adds to the discrimination they already face

Fake Service Dogs, Real Problem

Pets Being Misrepresented as Service Dogs

‘Despicable’ Epidemic: People Using Fake Service Dogs

Growing number of pet owners using fake service dog tags
Robert Misseri, the president of Guardians of Rescue, is hoping to crack down on this practice, telling The News that the use of service dogs needs to be more regulated to stop those who wrongfully benefit from the system and to prevent more harm to veterans who need their canine companions.

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Fake service dogs are not the problem

The problem is a government that presumes to tell business owners whom they must do business with and under what circumstances. Government created a privileged class of animal-owners. It is understandable that people not in that class would covet the privileges.

I would like to take my little dogs to more places. I've thought about telling people they are "working dogs," and if pressed for specifics, say they are entertainers. They do make people happy everywhere they are allowed to go. Nah. That's something else I will never do.

They did go with me to vote for Ron Paul in 2012. The polling place was a Church of Scientology - some kind of regional center I think. It turned out to be pretty fancy. I was tying the dogs up outside when a nicely dressed middle-aged woman stopped to admire and pet them. She instantly fell in love with them. She introduced herself as some kind of mukitymuck in the church, and offered to walk them in. Okay. She walked them by the receptionist, who said nothing to either of us. Mukitymuck petted them in her posh office while I cast my vote in vain. Afterward, I called across the foyer for the woman to drop the leashes. She did. I whistled, and they came to me on a dead run. A good time was had by all.

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"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

I agree.

But, when Congress gets this budget/ debt ceiling mess swept under the rug for another year, I can see them concetrating on this issue. They will require RFID chips for service dogs, federal licensing with a background check, disallow concealed carry of dogs, set up a Federal Department to regulate the States, limit the dogs to a 40 hour work week with national holidays, regulate the diets of such dogs, put in place quotas for Black Labs at the expense of Golden Labs, demand that trainers provide a certain percentage of disabled dogs to disabled people, require insurance companies to cover all expenses of service dogs and lastly slap a huge tax on all Americans to pay for the dogs.

I hope this does not go further.

Dogs on a leash are a great way to meet women.

I'd call that a service.

I saw the best minds of my generation, destroyed by pandas starving hysterical naked

-Allen Ginsberg

Spoken like a true Playa

The smaller and cuter, the better.
Another good prop is a small child, but not on a leash.