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Important Discussion Between Scott Horton and Mike Boldin

If you didn't catch the Scott Horton Show, I suggest you set 25 min aside and do so.


"Michael Boldin, founder and executive director of the Tenth Amendment Center, discusses the states’ rights approach to fighting NSA spying on Americans; the unlikely coalition that pushed through the NDAA-defying California Liberty Preservation Act (AB-351); and using anti-commandeering court precedents to withhold water and power from NSA data centers in Utah and Texas."

The feds are in a cozy yet precarious situation. It relies on the people that oppose their unconstitutional acts never understanding the fragility of the NSA's position; It relies on the people of this country neglecting the power they wield on the local and state levels; It relies on the fragmentation of people by political division instead of the unity of common ground.

To learn more about this important project please visit www.OffNow.org

Or Click Here
Funding duration: October 01, 2013 - October 31, 2013
As of right now they have $600 of $4,000.

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