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I Don't Care If It's The Law.

The law says I'm supposed to ride my bicycle on the street, along with the motorized traffic, as opposed to using the sidewalk.

Well, guess what? Riding my bike on the street is dangerous. It's dangerous at night because of all the drunks, but also during the day, because people drive with so many distractions like text messaging and cellphones that even a 'sober' person could run me over.

I've already been ticketed and jailed for riding on the sidewalk but these inconveniences will not deter me. I'd rather live another day in jail than die in an emergency room cot.

The logic behind the law says that I on my bike could do physical harm to a pedestrian on the walk. I guess that's a risk I'll have to take. Better to risk that than an encounter with a truck driven by a drunk.

Sure, I could go to the city council and try to get the law changed. But the chances of this succeeding are extremely low, as the same argument was presented previously and defeated. Also, in the last two years the city has painted big pictures of a bicycle in the middle of the street indicating to drivers that they are to share the road with bicycles. Rather than helping I believe these signs hurt as they are only painted on certain residential streets, hinting to drivers that if they don't see a bicycle painted on a road then bikes don't belong there. This causes many drivers to honk their horns at bicyclers and yell 'get off the road!'

There are also 'bike lanes' on certain roads which start and end sporatically, leading to the confused but logical conclusion that bikes belong on some roads but not others.

Regardless, I care not what the law says. It is a dangerous law which I would no more follow than a law that said I had to inject a chemical or vaccination into my body. When it is dark, or when traffic is heavy, or for any other reason I choose, I will ride on the sidewalk. The law be damned.

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Ok, ride in the...

Ok, ride in the afterthought lane, sounds good to me.


I think sidewalks are perfectly designed for bikes...

They're narrow - like a bike, the surface is flat - which is good, and the pavement is hard so the wheels don't sink in like they would on a dirt surface.

It was probably the pandas

If they were designed...

If they were designed for bikes they would not be called sideWALKS they would be called bike lanes. There is a solution here, tear out all sidewalks and then everybody is on their own. Or use things for the engineered, designed and intended purposes. I assure you if someone hits me with a bike on a side walk I will convince them never to ride on the side walk again.
You never did answer me, is this you practicing to ride on the side walk?


I think that you do a bang up job!


Great vid. Ever drive on a parkway? Or park in a driveway?

Sometimes I stroll, often I amble, lately I stagger,
all on the 'walk'.

It was probably the pandas

You could be sitting..

You could be sitting... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rd3rA89VhtA


I know you weren't there the day I saw some driver...

driving his/her car in the bicycle lane, hitting the curb multiple times.

I'm sticking to the sidewalk, nanna nanna boo boo.

It was probably the pandas

George Carlin said

George Carlin - "Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience."

You win, I am an idiot for arguing with you, you clearly have more experience than I do and are better equipped.


Sorry for wasting your precious time.

It was just my turn to write the daily troll-bait decoy post.

Glad to know I still have what it takes to shake you guys up.

It was probably the pandas