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Obamacare: How Democrats REALLY feel

Let us construct the Liberal argument against Obamacare. Jeepers, they say it will be horrible!

Here is Timothy Egan covering the the conversion of Obamacare to Romney Care:

Right there we link Romneycare to the Heritage foundation. His dawg, the infamous Newt G, is clear that Romneycare is designed to get those pesky poor people to pay up if they seek medical care. The explicit reason given for Romneycare is collect funds from the poor and NOT to provide them with free healthcare. Egan goes on to call Romney, "the intellectual godfather of the most consequential act of the Obama presidency."

Egan is a super liberal. If you have any doubts, read his latest

President Obama makes 100% clear that Romneycare is the model for Obamacare:

For anyone needing a proper definition:
Model - A preliminary work or construction that serves as a plan from which a final product is to be made

Romneycare is the republican response to Hillarycare. Obamacare/Romneycare = republican idea to force poor people to buy a service they cannot afford and the polar opposite of Universal Healthcare proposed in Hillarycare. In reality Obamacare/Romneycare, particularly the individual mandate is NOT socialism or communism; It is a facist policy to force compliance.

Why did Obama campaign against the old Republican plan to force the poor into coverage and then do a perfectly landed 180? Let's ask former Democratic house representative Tom Daschel, as he was Obama's #1 pick for Secratary of HHS in 2008:

Now, how has Romneycare faired according to Liberals (hint, hint.. before they needed to support Romneycare again):

Now how about the view of the Obamacare "Architect" warning the train wreck was coming:

Consumer Advocate, and progressive Ralph Nader certainly supports Obamacare, right?
Yeah, Canada's healthcare plan has 13 pages and the US plan has 2000+. I'm sure it is going to work out great! Nader's detailed views are in the "A Remnant of Reform" section here:

There you have it! Democrats say that Obamacare is an anti-liberal Republican plan to burden our most impoverished citizens with a service they cannot afford!

* - SAFETY WARNING!!! Use extreme caution when presenting this information to sheeple as there is a real danger of hysterical anger, diarrhea of the mouth, uncontrollable weeping, or spontaneous combustion.