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2nd Romney Whisper Found!


Hopefully this goes viral and becomes a punchline that sinks his ship!

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If this is legit every news

If this is legit every news organization should be talking about it. Lets make it global and get some overseas attention, maybe send it to Iran in response to our judgment of their election

Live Free Or Die
I am willing to die, are you?

Live Free Or Die
I am willing to die, are you?


Whatever He did hear it he corrected himself. That is funny I bet him and McCain had class together and they both cheated of the same smart girl in class. They are to stupid to answer their own questions. And they want to lead my country. HAHAHAH NO THANKS!

lame video

could be ANYone, not as obvious, and i would say this video actually discredits the the original

Who cares?

All you need is to put reasonable doubt in people's minds about Romney.