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Gov. Jesse Ventura: Government Shutdown to JFK Conspiracy

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Bring back Larry King. Piers

Bring back Larry King. Piers is a douche.

Roger Stone Has The Facts

Jesse Ventura is not one to mince words. We know he supported Gary Johnson in 2012 as did Roger Stone. It was Stone's unique experience in the Nixon White House that afforded him inside knowledge about the secrets our government has kept from us to this day. Stone's defection from the GOP to the Libertarian Party may have loosened his lips about what he knew but kept to himself. The title of the book does not mince words either: The Man Who Killed Kennedy - The Case Against LBJ. So at this point, there are several books out which echo the same thoughts, namely that LBJ did it but none are thought to have been more thoroughly researched than the one from Roger Stone who was in the best place to have received the intel to know who and where to compile evidence to support the conjecture. Perhaps that's why the book has risen to #1 in pre-sales at Amazon.

For those interested

The confessed Grassy Knoll Shooter whom JV refers to is on this site (with a wealth of other informed evidence)


Conspiracy Theory w/ Jesse Ventura: JFK Assassination


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There is no duration defined in the Oath

"It's a 30 year old conspiracy"


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