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I'm pro-Liberty, not Anti-Israel. This is how I deal with shills and propagandists. Hope it helps you!

I don't think that many people here, if any, are anti-Israel. The Daily Paul attracts people who are for liberty and the human rights needed to defend liberty.

There are many people in Israel who also are pro-liberty and pro-human rights and therefore detest the people running the Israeli government and its policies of endless wars, and ever growing greater-Israel and the ethnic cleansing and genocide needed for this constant growth.

The opposite of freedom is oppression, and Israel is currently oppressing not only their citizens, but also the people in Palestine. In reality it is kind of disingenuous to call what they are doing to Palestinians oppression. In reality what they are doing is ethnic cleansing and outright slow genocide. This is why the Israeli government and its actions are so disliked to freedom and human right advocates.

Add to that that the Israeli government and its supporters have managed to create an incredibly powerful lobby that strong arms the U.S government to send money American money to Israel at the rate of millions of dollars a day and to start wars to "benefit" Israel to the detriment of the U.S, and you have a pretty strong reason why pro-Liberty people dislike the government of Israel and its American lobby.

Because of my outspoken attitude about the Israeli atrocities in Palestine I always manage to attract the paid, and unpaid shills of the pro-Israel propaganda apparatus. I have found a way to neutralize them. My reply to their researched, untrue scripted propaganda is always the same, and along this lines:

Thank you for the opportunity to reply and to write that it is despicable that Israel is committing genocide and ethnic cleansing of the people of Palestine. No amount of propaganda replies you might post erases that fact. I reply against these atrocities and hope that that Israel will stop taking Palestinian land, committing genocide and ethnically cleansing a whole peoples.

After the European genocide the cry of "Never Again" was uttered. I really do hope that the Israeli Genocide and ethnic cleansing does stop, and that we can truly say: "Never Again!"

After replying with the words "Israel, Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide", even the most hardcore pro-Israeli propagandist stop replying and leave the page.

Hope this helps you in the future when dealing with these pro-war, pro-ethnic cleansing, pro- genocide propagandists.

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Well I thought

this was a website for folks that wanted to get the fed government following the Constitution and to get freedoms and liberty back.

Those that want to discuss Israel's problems, why don't you start up your own website.

The federal tyranny government of the non-united states is most likely the worst terrorist organization in the world today. Whom controls it? Only those that control it and God know.

I thought that the administrator of this site had banned the topics of this? Why don't we stay on track of solving the problems of where we were born and most likely die.

Plantin the seeds for our Savior. In the End Jesus wins!

Sweden doesn't commit genocide with MY MONEY - Israel does.

Hi Plantinseeds,

Liberty folk at the Daily Paul don't discuss Sweden much because Sweden doesn't commit ethnic cleansing with American money, it doesn't have a gigantic, powerful, dirty tactics lobby which will punish any politician that opposes its policies, and rewards those who do its bidding.

AIPAC and the other Israeli firster lobbies reward those politicians who are willing to give money that is not theirs to Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc. And punishes those who want to follow the rule of law - not sending MY MONEY to other countries.

What kind of politicians do you think we end up with if to be elected or stay in office politicians must do the bidding of a Foreign power, send it money and never, ever, ever criticize it, even while it massacres a peoples?

The folk at the Daily Paul have arrived at the conclusion that Liberty is the natural and best state for human beings. They have discovered that their efforts to live more freely are often hampered by the politicians whom the Israeli firster lobby keeps in power. So it is natural that Liberty folk would be outraged at said lobby and in turn lobby against it.

Add to this that the Israeli firster lobby does everything in its power to keep the US in a state of war, and to send American soldiers to fight and die in wars that have nothing to do with real American interests. Lets talk about those 5'000 Americans who have died fighting in wars that IPAC and the Israel firster lobbies helped happen. Those are 5'000 strong reasons why we, Liberty folk, are outraged at those lobbies and continue to bring attention to their outsized presence in American politics with awful results for liberty and each one of us.

Personally, I take the oath of "Never Again" seriously, as I have met many German-Holocaust survivors and I know what a terrible thing happened then. Many of these survivors openly spoke and speak against the current Israeli Holocaust in Palestine. How could they be silent about the ethnic cleansing and genocide as they lived this terror themselves?

I hope that the above helps you understand why I and many DPers like to discuss Israel's government and its lobbies.

Oh, and one more thing, were I to criticize or discuss Sweden, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be personally attacked, called names and be accused of being racist.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask, and thank you for the opportunity to reply to you.


"it is good for the establishment to adopt liberty ideology, but it is not good for those who have already adopted liberty to fall to the feet of the establishment." ~ Annica2


I don't disagree with anything that you said.
However, the best and fastest way to stop all the funding with "OUR" money is to get rid of the current executive and judicial folks that are not only terrorizing other countries / peoples but destroying /terrorizing us. Bantering back and forth over Israel and its government is pointless if we cannot control our own government.

How, tell me how pointing out things we already know about the evils in all nations is going to solve our problems with America?
How is this particular discussion going to move us any closer to resolving our Liberty, Freedom from the corrupt tyrannical fed government?

Dang, when are "WE" going to do something?

Plantin the seeds for our Savior. In the End Jesus wins!

Today's Two Minute Hate

It's particularly revealing how the neonazis downvoted Ron Paul's own position on Israel posted below in replies such that it wouldn't appear anymore.


Yup. Disgusting, these people. Truly the definition of TROLLs

Didn't MN already say he was done with Israel posts here?

These people can't let it go.
The American Liberty Movement is NOT their purpose here, Hate-Israel-First, is their agenda.

Muslims are crucifying Christians in Egypt, Syria, and across the Middle East. Where are dozen threads per hour about that?

Radical religious Muslim theocracies (all Muslim nations) are killing and raping children, treating women like slaves, and treat non-Muslims as second class citizens. And that is just normal policy, in most Muslim countries.
Like the Saudi father who brutally raped and tortured his infant daughter to death, and was 'acquitted' based on Sharia Law. Disgusting.
Or Iran, who recently executed a Christian preacher, just for preaching Christianity. NO OUTRAGE ON DP about that, ever.

But the H-I-Fers are still bringing up USS Liberty. Which BTW, was a violation of Israeli national sovereignty, as we were spying on them. I thought all DPers were RP supporters, and we DON"T support interventionism...
I've seen many a DPer in the H-I-Fer crowd root for Muslim countries, and Russia and Putin, over the USA, when the USA attacks another nation violating it's sovereignty... Ok, fine... But you instantly become hypocrites when it comes to Israel...
When it's AGAINST ISRAEL, many DPers (in the Hate-Israel-First crowd) have even advocated for UN globalist intervention, just to punish Israel for perceived 'violations', like building houses for their people in their country, and having to kick out foreign squatters, to do so.

Non-Liberty-Loving DPers have supported the UN sanctions on Israel (which Dr.Paul has always opposed), going into Israel to inspect Nukes, using the UN to create a 'Palestinian' state, and force Israel to relinquish even more land than it already has. Then, after Israel has given up so much of it's small amount of land, the H-I-Fers accuse Israel of "land-grabbing". It's insane.

H-I-F crowd... You are a bunch of Troll cowards! You are not allies of the Liberty Movement (how much Liberty is there in Muslim Theocracies with Sharia law? None). You are not allies of America.

You are not helping the DP to spread the POSITIVE message of Liberty!
You make the DP and the Liberty Movement look HATE-FILLED, Prejudice, Hostile to a friendly nation, AND hypocritical about some of the most significant issues to restoring liberty and America's national sovereignty.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?


keeps me from participating around here OFTEN. I used to LOVE this site, but uh, maybe I just have a little like for it here and there since the arrival of this group arrived trying to change the agenda with a gazillion posts per individual drowning out all of the good information.

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So I hate Israel?

Because I brought up the USS Liberty? I just don't like when a government (any government) slaughters my countrymen.

I do not support intervention, and I hate the UN.

Support these Liberty Candidates and find and add more !

2016 Presidential Candidates Exposed!

Uh, yeah you do... I've seen lots of your posts. You hate Israel

Or you at least strongly disagree with "Zionism", a term that no H-I-Fer on DP has yet to provide a proper definition to.

"Zionism" is a political ideology that believes that a mostly Jewish state called "Israel" should once again exist in the region that for a time in history was labeled 'Palestine'.

To put is short and sweet, Zionism = belief that Israel should exist

There are dozens of vastly larger Muslim theocratic Dictatorships and Kingdoms in the region. They support terrorism against Americans, Christians, Jews, and Muslims who are different. They treat women, children and non-Muslims as second class citizens.

Saudi Arabia has a HUGE influence on the USA. Equal or greater than Israel! THAT is the big secret, and NO ONE on DP or the MSM wants to talk abut THAT! Obama BOWED to the Saudi King! He said he doesn't trust Netanyahu...

Michelle Obama visited the Saudi national in the hospital after the Boston Bombing. He was then swiftly, quietly snuck out of the country. Obama & Bushes had great ties with the Saudis, including the Bin Laden family. The Petro-Dollar is backed by Saudi Oil. The Saudis said they'd have a Muslim President in the WH by 2008. The Saudi Arabia and Arab lobbies are HUGE!!! You'd never hear about that on DP, only about AIPAC. AIPAC is a pain in the a$$, but Saudi Arabia is even more threatening to American sovereignty. I could go on and on about Saudi Arabia all day. Will start a thread one day soon.

Israel has Muslims serving in the Knesset, and Muslims living peacefully, happily, with full citizenship in Israel.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Where do you get your information, Lawmanjed?

Zionism by one born and raised in Israel, with a proud, patriotic, Israeli family background: http://www.dailypaul.com/293538/zionism-a-crash-course-for-a...

Good point.

The Saudi/US Petrodollar has, shall we say quite literally, TRILLIONS of times more influence on US policy than does Israel.

I would just site the fact

I would just site the fact that the leader of Israel gave a speech to congress saying they didnt need our help.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Just because the leader of Israel

says something certainly doesn't mean it's a fact. Most likely it's a big lie.

If they don't want the money and weapons then AIPAC wouldn't lobby congress and Israel wouldn't take the money and weapons. The proof is in the actions, not the lies and games they try to sucker people into believing.

I reply against these atrocities and hope that that Israel will

But your all ok with what has been taken already right?

You just cant understand that anyone would find the entire State of IzUnReal as one huge theft.

Your all down with what they have done its just what they are doing is not ok by you?

Sorry count me as one against any state let alone a private state of Rothschild.


Thanks for letting me demonstrate :)

Hi spirit of 76,

Your cries of "antisemitism" don't work anymore. long gone are the days when you could hide the truth by calling out antisemite three times and clicking your heels. People have learnt of the organized propaganda shill troops whose job is to discourage discussion of the truth and to help further the genocide in Palestine.

Most people are decent people, they dislike bullies and name callers. When you start doing it people dismiss your points. The term antisemite has been overused to silent dissent; it doesn't work anymore.

What works though is Liberty, the truth, and loving. People already know that the Liberty movement has all kinds of people, black, white, hispanic, jewish, muslim, etc. We by the definition of Liberty cannot be racist or as you call it.. anti... blah blah blah...

So... sorry, all you have left is name calling and weakly having to defend the atrocities the goverment of Israel is commiting in Palestine.

Never again.

"it is good for the establishment to adopt liberty ideology, but it is not good for those who have already adopted liberty to fall to the feet of the establishment." ~ Annica2

You can't put a turd in a bun and call it a hot dog borisimo.

Nice try though.

You make it sound sweet, but you can't hide your true thoughts as can be seen in your replies below.

Here we go again.

Talk about propaganda!

I believe the correct position is RON PAUL'S position.

Which is:

1) It would be correct to discuss lobbyists undue influence on Congress, whether Monsanto, Pharmaceutical companies, AIPAC, or ANY LOBBY. Focusing on AIPAC because they represent Israel or whatever, is NOT anti-interventionist, nor is it Ron Paul's position

2) Besides AIPAC or interests here in the US, Ron Paul's position on Israel is he NEITHER supports NOR opposes them, but further

3) He supports the right of ALL NATIONS to self-determine, INCLUDING Israel (I know that really grates you anti-semites here)

4) Foreign aid should not be given to ANY nation, including Israel and ALL nations

So, if you are extemporanizing beyond the above regarding Israel, the Jews, etc, then you are NOT anti-interventionist and you are showing your true NON-Ron Paul colors.

Just a thought Sprirt of 76

You need to get your termiology right. Stop this nonsensical "Anti Semite" gibberish. Jews are mostly non-semites. Palestinians, Lebanese, and all people born in the region are Smites. So, by gargling the same BS terms that the entire MSM has trained and brainwashed people to spit out, you take away from your arguments, especially from Dr Paul's position and wisdom regarding these matters. Most Jews in Israel are of European, American and South American descent and therefore by definition NON-SEMTES.

Again, just a thought... Watch this:


anti semitic nonsense

This is EXACTLY my point.

This is anti-semitic, neonazi nonsense:
"Jews are mostly non-semites. "

1) This Aryan based lie about Jews has been conclusively disproven by DNA data. You know it's 2013. We have that now.

2) What makes you or other anti-semites expert on who is a "real Jew" or not? Nothing. You don't know what you are talking about beyond anti-semitic drivel.

The scientific DNA data speaks for itself. You're WRONG.

All talk, no real Walk, Mr/Ms DNA expert!

Pack your bags and go put your money where your mouth is. Others have already provided valuable input as to what Rights Israel or any other nation has, so I don't need to repeat them. The fact that you even brought up the antimeite BS speaks volumes.

Here you go again.

You said you KNEW that most Jews are not semitic.

DNA proves you WRONG.

Now you change the subject.

I have EXACTLY Ron Paul's position, which is neither pro or anti any other nation.

I will disclose that I am ANTI-anti-zionists and ANTI-anti-semitic haters like you.

That doesn't make me pro-anything except pro-reason and logic.

Anti-semites downvote undeniable scientific data.

Very revealing.

It doesn't matter how many downvotes you give, it doesn't change the hard scientific data.

Bring em on. It's a badge of honor to get downvoted for representing logic and reason.

It only reveals who the anti-reason people are.

"Anti-Semite" accusation speaks volumes of the accuser.

We have a huge population of Zionist Jews in my city, Newton Ma. They mostly originate from Russia, and many have property in Israel.

If you criticize Israel's influence on USA foreign policy, many will accuse you of antisemitism.

Let's face it, the term anti-Semite is used to destroy people via ad hominem. People who use the word "anti-Semite" to muzzle criticism are scum bags. They might as well be shouting "child molester!" in a crowded room, while pointing at someone they disagree with.

Except I didn't do what you said.

Nice try.

What is undeniably anti-semitic and demonstrably Aryan nonsense propaganda is that Jews are not "real Jews" or claiming to know who is a "real Jew" or who is not.

That might have been hard to prove before 2000, but it isn't anymore since DNA testing.

So, yes, propagating anti-semitic lies about Jews is, indeed, anti-semitic, particularly now when science can conclusively prove those anti-semitic lies to be wrong.

Hi Spirit of 76, thanks for the opportunity to reply.

My position is a liberty, pro-liberty, pro-human rights position. When Israel commits genocide and ethnic cleansing against Palestinians I think, NEVER AGAIN! And I do what little I can to help stop it, which is to comment, opine and to help bring the focus to the atrocities being done by Israel with MY MONEY.

Because of these grave crimes against humanity that Israel commits, I feel I must not remain silent, which would be the same as endorsing it. I will speak about AIPAC and any lobby that wants to use my money to support the ethnic cleansing and genocide in Palestine by Israel.

Israel has the right to self determination, it does not have the right to steal other country's lands, imprison their people in their own country, kill them in any way including white phosphorous munitions, or to treat them as cattle in their 'checkpoints'.

Israel does have the right to self determination, but it doesn't have the right to commit crimes against humanity against anyone.


"it is good for the establishment to adopt liberty ideology, but it is not good for those who have already adopted liberty to fall to the feet of the establishment." ~ Annica2

Pure propaganda.

If you really felt that strongly, you'd go move there to help the people you believe are being wronged.

Other than that, you're just b*tching.


Your attempt to call OTHERS to intervene while being too weak to go and do it yourself is the collectivist clarion call. Very ANTI Ron Paul.

No way around it no matter how "pro liberty" you claim to be.

Israel, its genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palesine. UN Resolu


Violations of UN Resolutions. Israel has violated 28 resolutions of the United Nations Security Council as it commits genocide and ethnic cleansing against Palestinians.

STUDY GUIDE : International Law & Israel

"Israeli Violations of International Law - (9) Israel has violated 28 resolutions of the United Nations Security Council (which are legally binding on member-nations), and almost 100 resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly (which are not binding, but represent the will and understanding of the international community). And Israel is now in violation of the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice of 2004, condemning the separation wall Israel is building throughout the occupied West Bank."


Thank you once more for the opportunity to reply with truth. Your emotional reply will dishearten your propaganda superiors. I'm sure they will give you the lesson once again: Stick to your script. :)

"it is good for the establishment to adopt liberty ideology, but it is not good for those who have already adopted liberty to fall to the feet of the establishment." ~ Annica2

So see. This really WAS an anti-Israel thread.

Contrary to what you said in the Op.

This thread is today's two minute hate.

If you actually DID something about what you claim to care about, that's different. But you don't. Very revealing about you.

A pro-Liberty thread :) thanks for helping Spirit of 76 :)

Once more, we, the Liberty movement can't dislike a whole country or peoples because of the actions of their goverment. When we condemn Israel for the attrocities it commits in Palestine, we dont condemn the brave Israelies who are against it, who love peace and who themselves condemn the genocidal goverment of Israel.

As all humans have the same rights we respect them equally. Whether in Israel, Venezuela or Iran.

Your name calling and emotional arguments show that you are left without real arguments.

Please consider that we are on the side of truth and Liberty and you are left defending crazy genocidal polocies of the Israeli government.

Never again.

"it is good for the establishment to adopt liberty ideology, but it is not good for those who have already adopted liberty to fall to the feet of the establishment." ~ Annica2