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What Blackjack Players and Voters Have in Common

What Blackjack Players and Voters Have in Common
Posted by Peter Castle on 03-02-2012

..."Blackjack players can be put into one of three categories: A players, B players, and C players. The same can be done with the voters."...

..."Here’s the really annoying thing about the B players. They love to voice their uneducated opinion. When they see an A player on the table hitting a soft 18 against the dealer’s 10, or hitting a 12 against the dealer’s 2, they assume the A player doesn’t know what he is doing and will either say something aloud, or whisper to their friends or girlfriends about how “you never hit if you have an 18.” Frustrating right? You could be an A player at a Blackjack table, and be looked at by most of the players like you are the one that is wrong. Sound familiar?

The B voters? They are just like the B players. They know the basics, because they were taught by others and get most of their information from the media. They listen to the pundits when they say we need a small federal government and we need the government out of the way so the free market can work. They understand that it is bad for the government to interfere with market prices. They know it would be an awful idea for the government to dictate what the price of milk should be, for example. But because they never do their own research and don’t spend much time really educating themselves, they don’t realize that the government is involved in price-fixing everyday, when it allows the Federal Reserve to interfere with the price of money (interest rates), and when it dictates what the minimum price should be for labor (minimum wage).

And just like the B players, the B voters love to voice their uneducated opinion. They look at the A voters like they are crazy for suggesting that the 17th amendment should be repealed, that we need to have a currency that is backed by something, that the manipulation of interest rates is what causes the boom-bust cycles, that Lincoln was a tyrant, that the civil war was unnecessary, and that we don’t need to have troops deployed in 150 countries in order to keep America safe."...

read more http://www.truthinexile.com/2012/03/02/what-blackjack-player...

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Yeah but unlike voting,

Yeah but unlike voting, blackjack players occasionally win.



Con cur.

It was probably the pandas

What about what might be called 'A-1' players?

You know, ones with inside information? Cheaters, if you will.

It was probably the pandas