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Karen Hudes Interviewed today on RT. Discusses government shutdown, the currency war, 'currency printing', and a lot more.


I find it interesting that one of the older threads sprang to life a little while ago.

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Extensive comments:

At time 1:40 or so there is mention of being on the verge of a currency war and the FED is printing dollars like there is no tomorrow.

If you don't get it by now, then you may never get it, but I get it, and I'm not the only one.

A quick or a very slow and deliberate look in the follow 3 links may bring anyone who doesn't get it up to speed:

1. Buying WAR Side A

2. Buying WAR Side B

3. Buying WAR Side C

If the FED is printing dollars like there is no tomorrow then it may be time for all good men and women to realize that they do so for reasons that can be understood. They are buying World War III, just like they bought World War I and II (not the same people, but the same apparatus: World Reserve Currency Power).

They invest your earnings into their POWER to profit from your misery, and this is not NEWS.

A MONEY MONOPOLY POWER cannot exist when there is competition. There can be no World Reserve Currency POWER dictating the cost of LEGAL money when there are many choices available to every Tax Payer, since each Tax Payer will then choose better (more powerful and less costly) money over worse (less powerful and more costly) LEGAL money.

Since there is, in fact, a World Reserve Currency, it can be understood by anyone with a modicum of intelligence, or common sense, that there must then be a POWER that destroys competition.

The POWER that destroys competition can magically create as much Legal Purchasing Power as everyone else on the Planet combined.

Add up all the Legal Purchasing Power in the command of every living being on the Planet and then know that a World Reserve Currency Power has the POWER to magically create as much, or more, Legal Purchasing Power as every other individual, or group, combined.

What do you think is the meaning of the words "double the money supply"?

If the Legal Money Monopoly Power starts printing money like there is no tomorrow, they are going to use that Purchasing Power to Purchase something.

If they have, IN DEMONSTRABLE FACT, already PURCHASED World War II, then does it not make sense that they may do it again?

You can laugh at the concept of someone using the word "they" as if there is this tin hat conspiracy theorist suffering from a delusion of aliens controlling the lizard men, shape shifter, leaders of the world, if that is your knee jerk reaction. They are specific people who have gained the LEGAL power to "print dollars like there is no tomorrow" so follow the dollars back to the source, where someone, or some group, have signed the order to "print dollars like there is no tomorrow" and you find them, or they, and if you, like me, don't think you are going to find lizards, and if instead you think, like I think, that you are going to find mere criminals, people, criminals, people, who wear pants, dresses, and eat meals, and breath air, then you can keep that knee from jerking again.

There is a possible difference between the set-up for World War II and this current set-up for World War III. The Central Bankers that are in power may not have all their ducks in a row in such a way as to actually pull off the latest crime of the century. How would an average Joe know if this time the Liberty (competition) wins?

Are there any cases of Liberty (competition) winning in the past?

The answer is yes, despite all the power of the Legal Money Monopoly (world wide) the States in the former Colonies in North America won the War of Independence.

The Legal Money Monopoly Power almost lost their Money Monopoly Power between the time frame of 1776 and 1788. Unfortunately the Money Monopoly Power regained that power with the Usurpation knowable as The Dirty Compromise (if accuracy in labeling is desired) or also known (falsely) as The Constitutional Convention of 1787.

America, as a working Republic, under The Articles of Confederation, stood as 13 Legal Money Competitors in each State of that Voluntary Union, and it, if it had remained a Voluntary Union, would have ended the Legal Money Monopoly Power WORLD WIDE, but it did not, it was CRUSHED by George Washington and Alexander Hamilton, who were acting in concert with The Bank of England, which was the World Reserve Currency Legal Money Monopoly Power at the time.

So...the information in this interview with Karen Hudes, which is not NEWS, is possibly reporting on a similar situation as was the situation during the time period between 1776 and 1788.

How will anyone know if we are entering a new age of Legal Money Competition or we are heading into another Central Banker (Monopoly World Wide) Currency War that turns into a very profitable (for the Central Bankers and their minions) Pogrom of Violence World Wide?

The answer is easy.

If a Sovereign State of any significant size begins to produce a competitive Legal Money, then that area on the planet earth will become THE place to find sanctuary from criminals running criminal governments, because that place on earth will no longer be paying the extortion fees, and the people in that place on earth will be able to invest their own earnings into producing higher standards of living and lower costs of living.

That is what happened in America, despite the efforts to CRUSH competition in America, for that time period between 1700, or so, and 1788: 1776 was merely the official announcement of no longer being a part of the Legal Money Monopoly Power.

If, for example, Utah State begins an age in Utah where earners can keep their earnings because Utah State no longer runs a Legal Extortion and Legal Counterfeiting Corporation, then the standards of living in Utah will go up, and the costs of living in Utah will go down compared to any other place on the planet, because every other place on the planet is as yet still under the thumb of the World Reserve Currency Monopoly Power, whereby there remains extortion fees being paid overtly (so called taxes) and covertly (so called "inflation" or "quantitative easing").

If Utah is then followed by another State, and another State, such as Texas, or California, or New York, then the game is up for The World Reserve Currency Power, and World War III may yet be avoided.


dummy...6:10 mark..."it's not an issue of being forced"

on obamacare...so she thinks doesn't agree with the NAP?

around 9:00 mark..

she advocates the Treasury inflate the currency instead of the Federal Reserve...

Modern HEROES, that the STATE HATES.

I'm NOT against the rule of Law, but I AM AGAINST THE RULE OF CORRUPTION.

So were the 'founding PEOPLE' that brought us this far.

I hesitate to call them Fathers, as we are all Fathers and Mothers to some degree. And while Jefferson and others are 'considered' founding fathers, they were actually SON's of the refermation.

History is FUN, and Enlightening.

And it will drive the trolls NUTS.

God Bless.

This is cool.

2 downvotes because I mention Modern Heroes. History is FUN!

And it WILL drive the Trolls NUTS.

God Bless Them.

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Game theory model

says we are going to get through this without a major correction? Weird! Well, I thought it was a good interview. She's always so optimistic about the future, and making the elites/banksters pay for what they are doing.

"It’s not pessimistic, brother, because this is the blues. We are blues people. The blues aren’t pessimistic. We’re prisoners of hope but we tell the truth and the truth is dark. That’s different." ~CW


She's counting on people like you to stand for what I think you believe in.

I don't think she EVER mentioned people like YOU and I getting through ANYTHING without correcting our American Lives, with respect the Fed's Notes.

She's NOT optimistic in that respect and I think you haven't listened enough.

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Yes, I think I understand her load and clear, the debt based system has to stop. Americans are addicted to debt, as such we keep "fueling the fire" and the banksters keep getting more rich and powerful. This has to change, we have to save and only purchase things we can fully afford. No more $300k houses with only 60k down and 30 years to pay it off. The rest of the world doesn't have these options, why should we in the US?

"It’s not pessimistic, brother, because this is the blues. We are blues people. The blues aren’t pessimistic. We’re prisoners of hope but we tell the truth and the truth is dark. That’s different." ~CW

Karen Hudes is absolutely Brilliant.

It will soon be the time to put the OPPT plan into place.

One People’s Public Trust Lawfully Forecloses Corporations, Banks and Governments for Operating Slavery and Private Money Systems

"And it is no surprise. The old game is over! A new social model has been enacted. And the global community is embracing it with vigour. We are digesting life-changing information at a rate of knots, and starting to re-claim our rights from our former masters.

By design, the OPPT provides a lawful framework through which a new social energy can be expressed. Its foundations are aligned to the true essence of our Being, and as a result we are forming new and creative bonds. We’re sharing information, ideas, hopes, love and encouragement… even with total “strangers”."


I'm skeptical of Karen.

Witholding judgment for now.

Skeptical of What, Modern Patriot? United with what?

Please tell me Mr. Modern, what it is that she is expressing, that is against YOUR MODERN patriotism?

does she ever actually answer a single question?

or am I just too dumb to follow the logic?

Yes she does,

although some of the questions are rather silly.

I admit to being infected with the notion that Hudes is clinically insane. Despite holding that notion I find her to be consistently laying out a rather sane perspective. Of course my ego though, has me sitting beside her to finish with a second half of answering every question. ;)

"The biggest problem we're facing is clean drinking water. What's gold going to do about that?" -Shevradnadze

Perhaps what I'm seeing is that Hudes seems relatively sane and well educated while in conversation with Shevardnadze. :D

John, what really excites me

is that we have SO MANY modern day Heros. Karen Hudes, Snowden, first should have been Ron Paul, and the list goes on, and it's NOT born in your 'drinking water'. ;)

It's born in your willingness to be deceived, and your willingness to support people that kill innocent people in YOUR name.

Anybody supporting THAT, has to realize they could be next. No Rule of Law, No Respect for Truth, bye bye America.

You will have won my friend.