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It's not safe to keep a lot of money in the bank anyway

I don't use big banks, local credit union for me, and only keep enough in accounts for paying bills with a little cushion.

After Cyprus I would think it unwise to keep too much money in banks anyway.

I don't have a problem with the 1%, I am almost one myself. It is the 0.01% that cause most of the problem and a bank run won't mean anything to them.

So this idea of a bank run is misguided and will backfire.

So that leaves gold, which

So that leaves gold, which they will take 28% of when you decide to use it, land, which you will rent from the state in the form of an annual property tax, financial instruments, which is just another way of giving your money to a bank. Seems like we're fucked no matter what because they have every angle covered.

Do you think that instigating

Do you think that instigating this type of crisis will help your cause?

First of all, nothing will happen and if a significant number of people withdraw their money, the Fed will lend the banks the paper money at 0 interest. The ultra wealthy have most of the deposits anyway and they are not going to join this initiative.

I am not supporting the Fed or the ultra wealthy, just stating reality.

Second, if it actually created a run on the banks and a huge crisis, do you think our government would become more controlling or less controlling? Do you know what happened the last time their was a run on the banks?


This would have some credibility if not for the grammatical error. Who proofreads this stuff?

i dont want a bank run

i dont want a bank run

This is pure BS

why are we here trying to hurt the 1%? This is something I would expect to find on occupy wlstrt.

If anything...pull your money out of the banks that caused the collapse and got bailed out so they go under....but do it because of their crappy business practices, not because you want to attack the 1%.

Is it pure BS, or do you

Is it pure BS, or do you agree with pulling your money out of the "Big Banks" responsible for the collapse? I think the 1% language is to reach a broader audience (as you also pointed out). Otherwise, we'd be preaching to the choir. So, I think you're making arguments that only support this tactic. The only argument against is that it's "Pure BS". It will be pure BS if not enough people pull their money out before Nov 5th. Or, people might start to hear about this, and the fear of being the last one to the bank will motivate many, whether they agree or not;)



definitely agree with pulling your money out of the big banks responsible for the collapse...they're crappy banks and why would anyone want their money in them? But don't do it to attack the 1% like this suggests we should.

The Banks make it hard to withdraw cash, asking personal

The Banks make it hard to withdraw cash, asking personal questions as though amounts of cash over $1,000 constiutes a crime in progress. $5,000 makes em squirm and rush back and forth, muttering about not having enough cash on hand. I never asked for $10,000 though they might do it if you give em a week to bring in cash from another branch. Anyway, slow withdrawals are best: I usually say I'm vacationing in a third world country, and demand clean bills.

An alternative is just to have em cut a check and then deposit it in a local savings bank or credit union. That's what I did to RBS Citizens Bank last year: I said "Screw the dirty old Queen of England" and split the money between a local credit union and a regional bank.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"


Man takes money which is out of bank and then holds on to it himself. The paper. The worthless paper. And um...

I hope you are converting it to gold/silver when you decide to withdraw it.

In the bank outside the bank - it won't make a difference. The trick is the money itself.

The power resides in the currency not who holds it all.

It's not all about silver/gold

I think the idea is to collapse the banks. Of course it would be wise to have silver. The power resides in the banks who hold the currency because of Fractional Reserve Banking. They multiply your wealth when they hold it. When the people hold it the banks/1% lose their power. Also, I think this would resonate with the Liberal/Conservative people as well. They don't need to know the Nov 5th reference. They just need to hate Big Banks;) Spread the word!!!


hold up woah nelly

They still get to print more of it.

My guess is if you do withdraw... they might as well print more of it.

And you will still be holding worthless paper... plus now it has reduced in value from what they were allowed to print.

See it's a system designed by them for them. Not for you. You have to convert your wealth to something real is what I am suggesting or you are still holding on to what they want you to hold on to regardless of if it is in the bank or not.

And yes not all about gold or silver, there are lots of other commodities too.

Is this a real thing? I can't

Is this a real thing? I can't find anything about it other than this image.

crietmann's picture

I was looking too

I think this is the origin - looking on FB too.


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This is not the sort of thing to go viral; people are too stupid

This is not the sort of thing to go viral; people are too stupid to know what happened in 2008. They believe Sean Hannity who said the Big Bank are trying to help us, if it weren't for the Community Reinvestment Act, which is the source of all evil in the world. No, most people are downright ignorant, and think Hank Paulson saved the world by bailing out the filthy failing banker scum. And why shouldn't they? Corporate media, who's stock is owned by Holding Companies of the big banks, told them over and over how wonderful the bailouts were.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

“To learn who rules over you,

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

― Voltaire


You can still criticize

white males. Especially fathers.

Just watch their zany childlike antics on TV commercials.

Usually portrayed as inept, useless creatures who are ruled over by both wife and children. Apparently, fathers are worthless except for comedy relief.

I dont know, alot of stuff is

I dont know, alot of stuff is PC today. Anything frm blacks to jews to gay people etc etc etc. Name a group and you will get the idea.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

best post of the night!

and mebbe even forever?
and well said!