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Was insured my entire life but I have now joined the ranks of the uninsured thanks to Obamacare.

Received insurance notice stating:

We regret to inform you that effective Jan 1 we can no longer offer the insurance plan in which you are enrolled due to mandates required by recent changes in healthcare law. As a result of the required termination, any additional health coverage options you are enrolled in as part of the program will also terminate.

Not only will costs double/triple but expect the number of uninsured to double/triple. Mission accomplished.

So how many have now lost your insurance due to Obamacare?

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Cancelled before I lost it :)

I got the same letter - $758 per month for a $9K deductible for my family of 4 is cancelled as of Jan 1 --- Obamacare raises it to $1000 per month for a $12K deductible --- I cancelled now (to save $22OO) and sign up with Christian Heathcare Ministries (exempts my family from Obamacare penalty) - wish me luck!

This is the continual addition of insult to the injury to our...

rights that is Obamascare. The fact of IRS and LEO 'monitoring' is injury in itself, as a violation of the Fourth Amendment:


"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
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Sorry to hear it

I dont currently have a job,

I dont currently have a job, but I do have basic insurence. I have yet to be notified of any major changes though. The thing is that what I currently have isnt that much better than Obamacare, but it is alot cheaper.
Hopefully I can get a job soon though so I dont need to worry.(a proper job in engineering)

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

As part of my retirement package

My premium could not increase more than 7%/yr. I received a letter which I expect is a scapegoat informing me of a change of provider. More info to follow. Stay tuned.

Ron Paul Was Right

My Premiums...

... have went up 100% since 2010 and the copay and deductible and co-insurance also went up...

And this is just the beginning...

I am employed at deceased Frankie's old company.. Figure which one is that...


Is there a web site where everyone who has lost their insurance due to obamacare can be counted?

I work for a mid sized

I work for a mid sized company with great healthcare.
We are expecting rates to starting going up significantly this year.
They are also expecting by 2016 that the coverage we have will drop (along with increased rates) because what we have is considered a 'Cadillac' plan. Meaning we have to good of health care compared to everyone else so they are going to tax us for it.

So it seems if you don't have health care they tax you, if you have to good of health care they tax you. (anyone else thinking of 3 little bears at this point?)

I have Tri-care.

I got a letter a few weeks ago stating that my geographical area had been eliminated from coverage and that I was being dis-enrolled. Had to accept an increase in my driving distance to keep my insurance. The driving part actually didn't make any difference. I had already moved 45 miles away from my doctor. But now I have to go to Fort Leonard Wood for "space available" care, or to St. James, MO, which is 60 miles away, for VA care. No more private sector doctor. I'm ok with a military doctor, but I won't go to the VA for any kind of care. Good thing we don't go to the doctor much (knock on wood). My premiums are obscenely cheap, and rightly so since I'm a military retiree, but a few months back they went up over 10%. I heard they'll keep doing that, and I'm pretty miffed about it.

The company I work for is pretty big.

They sent an email and had employees sign a letter saying that we received information about Obamacare taking effect.

We have not been told what decision has been made about the insurance coverage they provide us. It's seems that people are anxious to find out what's going to happen.

I'll keep you guys posted.


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I worked at an insurance company briefly interpreting state

policy mandates in 1998-99. I wrote about it briefly http://www.dailypaul.com/300504/the-affordable-care-act-a-st... .

From every perspective I don't see how this thing was ever going to work.

They might as well have come out with Obam-autocare instead.

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It's the fast track to single

It's the fast track to single payer system.

Correct me if I'm wrong (I hate operating on presumptions), but a majority of the states have passed medicaid expansion bills, along with heathcare insurance exchanges.

Obamacare's negative impact on employer-based insurance coverage plans forcing people off current 'good' plans onto the tiered 'metals' system which has higher cost and higher deductibles with less coverage.

For the working class that opts in to this system, they will have to bite the bullet until they are broke and move on to my next point.

For those that attempt to opt out and eventually 'fined' through their bank accounts, there is a possible chilling trend which will tremble the market as people take their money out of banks.

Those that fall through the cracks will be covered by medicaid, which will become a big debt liability on the states when that system overloads from the extra strain of millions of new 'qualifying applicants' getting onto that system.

A cry for change will happen and the 'single payer' system will be the government's answer. No/low information people will get just as excited about this premise as they were when they first heard about obamacare, and take the bait once more. They will continue to blame the insurance companies (who are to blame in part, but not for the reasons they will cite) and tout that only the government can take care of you via the single payer system.

The question is, will people realize that government intervention in the medical/insurance markets is the enabling catalyst that drove prices up so high that eventually lead to the situation we are in now?

A large part of me does not think that will be the case.

Great line - The question is,

Great line - The question is, will people realize that government intervention in the medical/insurance markets is the enabling catalyst that drove prices up so high that eventually lead to the situation we are in now?

FREE MARKET, FREE MARKET and get Govt. and insurance companies out of health care!

so far my insurance company tells me

So far my insurance company tells me that I am grandfathered in and they are not cancelling the policy. That is their current interpretation of the law. To get a similar policy in the exchange I would have to lie about how much I make and pay 65% more... being truthful they wouldn't let me have a similar policy and it would cost substantially more.

That said, I doubt as my insurance company will want to keep older policies for very many years. We will see how it goes.