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Meet Your Government

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please don't forget me.

I offer you my forever soul - at all accouts and at no abounds I offer it to thee...

tweedlee deedlee dee...

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

Know thy enemy.

Everyone else is just a waste of time. Good job on this!

Where is...

Where is Clarence Thomas on the Monsanto list? He was a lawyer for them a long time ago.

Almost no republicans on that

Almost no republicans on that list? Either that list is biased, or its telling us something.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Executive appointments tend to be partisan

The letters (R) and (D) swap around every decade or so, but the corporations stay the same (notwithstanding a merger).

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Dems are advocates for most fascism

The R's support fascism in MIC and the prison complex.

I'm not sure whom the bankers own. Probably everybody.

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I'm voting "biased".

I know damn well there are Republicans who should be on those lists, unless they ALL work for BIG PHARMA, BIG AVIATION, and BIG TANKS/BOMBS/& OTHER NEFARIOUS STUFF.