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Chess Banned in San Francisco!

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Chess players attract drugs?

Maybe they should just ban critical thinking or intellectual thought?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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Ban the Grateful Dead!

there has got to be a link to drugs somewhere

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A job for drones i think,

A job for drones i think, cant let them ignore rightous laws now can we, boy, you see, THIS is why we need drones /S

What's Next for SF

Federally subsidized city run chess shelters?

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Go all the way to the

Go all the way to the original source.


Read the actual article.

Its not about chess.

I think thats the general

edit: nonsensical rambling
I think thats the general consensus on anything they do, they just "neglect" to tell us the real reason for their actions...... that actually make sense

We see 2+2 not adding up to 4, so we critisize them into hopefully embarrasingly forced to tell the truth of an action, instead of the line that would make their action seem good or reasonably, neglecting to tell all the benefit to that action

Saying all that, i agree with you in the sense of, yeah, i do wish all the time we the people knew ALL the benefit of an action, the real ones.....

What did you read/see?

The police chief is quoted in

The police chief is quoted in the Chronicle as saying that the chess players weren't the problem, but that they attracted drug dealers. The solution: to roust the chess players and confiscate their boards.

By this logic, the police should roust homeowners and confiscate their homes because they attract burglars.

San Francisco Home Listing

Charming Victorian, diverse neighborhood, walking distance to organic market, in the heart of the former street chess district.

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so let me get this straight...

the honorable (I use that term quite loosely) city of San Francisco decriminalizes marijuana. you or I can actually stand on a street corner anywhere in the city and "light one up" with no police state interference or hassle but if I bust out a chess set I'm off to the greybar motel for a nice little beating, maybe some tasing and incarceration..??

really they have got to be joking..
what if I just want to play checkers..??

the SFPD needs to clarify its backgammon policy

perhaps checkers and backgammon are ok as none of the pieces are more than an inch high and therefore not intimidating to passersby

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San Francisco is also a "sanctuary city" for illegal immigrants

But don't dare show your rook or pawn on the streets of San Francisco

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The game will probably go underground then.


they'll probably get the nsa

they'll probably get the nsa on it, persecute any outspoken people who defend the dispicable act of chess, threaten them with force, belittle and smear their ideas, then give them years of imprisonment

Joking aside, ask yourself, what if someone ignores a law boldly, how many folks up there WONT have something similar as a passing thought, an instinctual one........no thoughts for finding common ground, just an instinctual dominate mentality

Banning chess, but the bath

Banning chess, but the bath houses are still open and thriving... Glad I live in Texas!!!

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I'm gay and I find that

I'm gay and I find that funny.

LOL @ SanFranSilly

I'm not gay

And I find that funny. ;P

LOL... +1

LOL... +1

You would think the SF police

Would be happy that people would be playing chess in public places rather than...


committing crimes?

If I'm mayor of SF and I see the police cracking down on chess players I'm thinking it's time for a few layoffs.

Just another example of government over-reaching and out of control.

Twice now I've thought a news item was satire.

Checking for other sources (namely, something I'd heard of), I came across an update. Imagine in the United States of America that "playing chess in public" is what we now view as a brazen act of defiance.

Dozens Play Chess in Public to Defy SF Crackdown

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LOL I am selling Chess Contraband on my site

check out the warning!

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Back in the good old days, teens would flush

pills or other drugs down the loo if police showed up at a party because of noise complaints or something. I was wondering what today's radical youth might try to do if faced with a similar situation.

Ah! Of course. Mmm. http://cdn.cakecentral.com/0/07/900x900px-LL-078612c9_galler...

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

that already happened under

Edit: this was supposed to go under the comment about cheese being banned

...that already happened under Bush, via that whole 'Freedom Fries' and anti-French movement, lol

they had a problem with white always starting first

Also, the chessboards were not compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act. The disabled pawns had nowhere to park.

The rooks violated several building codes.

PETA objected to the knights as representing animal slavery.

The Bishops were deemed to be too close to public schools.

The queen was perceived as being exploited by doing way more work than the king without getting the same kind of protection.

I heard San Francisco is developing Multicultural Equality Chess. There are only pawns, but rather than black and white, each pawn is a different color of the rainbow. The goal of the game is have all the pawns end up in the middle of the board at the same time for a communal hug.

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One more thing

I also heard they made one king and one queen were switch sides...


This is exactly right

No joke here, This very well could be fact. This is how crazy they really are. Well done!

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Whoa - for a second there I thought it said they banned cheese.

As a Wisconsinite that did NOT make me happy.

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Would that be the Stella Blue Cheese?

You have GOT to be kidding

You have GOT to be kidding me!!

Banning chess? In San Francisco??? That's absurd!

Next they'll go after naked twister in the morning dew.

Someone needs to draw the line somewhere...

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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or bertha playing backgammon

in Haight Ashbury


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