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The EpiGenome and the freedom to read your own genes.

Today we published a paper in Nature Biotechnology which describes a PCR technique which navigates 1000s of gene patents. 10-20% of human genes are patented. The Supreme court ruling in 2013 merely reinforced this fact since >99% of DNA sequence today is obtained with methods which human modify DNA.

Why is this as profound as Bitcoin? Tall statement! Since money is 1/2 of every transaction in human experience, Bitcoin has the potential to radically change the world through its use of truth as currency.

The other very Lockean libertarian principle is that you own yourself. As the world argues over the insanity of Obamacare, its clear the government departs with this belief and proclaims to own our bodies. Thus the need for a truth in ourselves.

The ability to read ones genome is the ultimate libertarian liberation as it provides the most powerful freedom from the medical grid.This grid dictates life or death. Knowing your code of life will allow you to personalize your diet and pharmaceutical choices. It is the ultimate weapon against socialized medicine. As powerful as Crypto Currency is, your freedom of transactional currency is somewhat less relevant without health. This is hard for many to understand until you see the results of bed ridden children being sequenced and brought back to school [homeschool hopefully] a month later after the proper therapy is applied. This is happening at a such a rapid clip that it is a technological force which will overwhelm the negative economic effect of attempting to socialize medicine. This socialization is happening in the wake of the most personalized medical revolution we've ever experienced in our evolutionary history.

The method is called DREAM PCR and it will enable your genome to be read without any hassles from the >4,000 gene patent still enforce on the human genome. It is unfortunately behind a paywall but I felt strongly that this argument needed to be sung on the doorsteps of the IP proponents for the most critical review of the logic. If even your adversaries can agree with your argument then truth has won. Nature and PLOS have other open source options we plan to pursue on our next publication of this topic.

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The paper is trending at 84% for hottest paper according to Altometrics at Nature.
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