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Judge Napolitano: 'Nonsense' for Obama And Democrats to Say Congress Has to Fund Health Care Law


We're in Day 8 of ObamaCare and the partial government shutdown, and nine days away from reaching the deadline for the debt ceiling to be raised. Fox & Friends discussed the D.C. standoff with Judge Andrew Napolitano, specifically asking what the Constitution says about Congress refusing to fund a program they do not agree with - in this case, ObamaCare.

The judge explained that the Constitution lays out a two-step process for a law to be enacted. First, the measure has to be passed and signed by the president, but then it has to be paid for by Congress.

He conceded that Congress does not often take the step of trying to defund a law.

"When the Democrats are saying 'it's the law of the land, you have to pay for it,' that's nonsense. The Constitution says they don't have to pay for anything they don't want," he said.

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What's to negotiate?

The other day I was reading an essay which, paraphrased, made the statement that Soetoro care (Obamacare) is a fraud, illegal and unenforceable, just like it's namesake. That Soetoro, the mandatory health care "law", congress and the courts need to be completely regarded as unConstitutionally legitimized. Soetoro's entire ruse (fraudulent IDs) as a legal president is unravelling, finally, and a bunch of folks, including politicians, bureaucrats, business and social leaders and media personalities, who have conspired to maintain the fraud, will go to the hoosegow, not unlike those who contrived the Nixon/Watergate coverup which dramatically pales in comparison to government coverups of Carter, Reagan, Bushes, Clinton and Soetoro administrations. The record is established. There's no denying it and truckers, vets, bikers and we the people are damn mad. Our Constitutional Republic is on the brink of destruction by forces internal fortified by a silent invasion of sanctioned illegals.

The writer continued that somebody wrote something not so long ago about hell to pay and that it's commin' down and the "perps" know it. Such is the explanation for the current state of the union which could eventually cause for generalized murder and mayhem amongst the masses, carefully scripted by the perps, themselves. How else can they hope to escape their dastardly deeds. Interesting was the suggestion their only escape is to get in deeper, and deeper, resulting in the divide and conquer syndrome that tyrants of all sorts require to live another day. For them to "pay the piper" would be a complete reversal of the status quo. The "piper has piped and the knitting continues"? "Calling all Sheriffs, calling all Sheriffs. Deputize the militia, head 'em up and move 'em out. The perps are well known about the county. Do ya think they'd demand Miranda treatment and due process?" (The last quote is a hoot.)

Actually, most of the above is a direct quote. I think the author was anonymous and probably why many persons are distraught about easy access to the internet. Too bad, eh. What's that song, 'Cry Me A River'?



Love the Judge!

Always makes it clear and easy to understand, the way it should be!
Every American should listen to this and throw the other "garbage" away that they have in their heads.

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Bump for the Judge!!

Thank you for educating us all!!


Thank You Judge.

I'm enjoying the refresher education on all these matters.

Tell It To Jesse Ventura, Judge

Ventura respects the heck out of Judge Nap. He would listen to him and understand things a little better if the two could talk.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

What a concept

Something out constitutional law professor in chief forgot on his way to the west wing




wouldn't it be nice to have

wouldn't it be nice to have this man as our President instead?

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

I think America desperately

I think America desperately needs the judge on the supreme court. Is Obama that ignorant of the constitution or is he just hoping everyone else is?
I also hope the gop, particularly Boehner, is listening to this. DO NOT BLINK!!!

Someone with the Judge's understanding

of the Constitution and its history would make an excellent President, and, would be in a very good position to appoint true Constitutionalists to the Court.

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OBoner already blinked.

It started out as not funding it, then a delay on the individual mandate, and now let's sit down and negotiate.
Had he not blinked, he would be saying it's a bad law, unconstitutional on many levels, and we are not going to fund it. Arms folded.

Undo what Wilson did