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Rand Paul: President Obama Shouldn't Be Threatening To Default

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The system that Rand is

The system that Rand is trying to work within cannot be fixed by working with the establishment.(such as Mitch McConnel)I guess that I am further down the road in understanding how corrupt the political system is than many here. I assumed that people were paying attention to the fraud in the last election, and unstand how tightly controlled the electoral process is, and realize that the two party dictatorship will never allow any real choices, and that the media is complicit in the fraud, and......... Sorry. I don't have enough time to spend explaining it all or providing the links necessary to prove it. I have been a supporter of the DP for some time because I like reading the links and seeing more people get educated and woke up. I have given up on political solutions short of revolution. Even then, any revolt would be put down by the massive military industrial complex, foreign intervention, and the police state. It's time to prep for a collapse, because it will happen, and politics will be taken completely off the table as a solution.

I know some people at the DP tend to bash Rand but...

...I don't see anything wrong with his "work together" approach and having respect for the President. I've been following Rand from the beginning of his term in office and I don't think he's deviating from his principles at all. Everything he says is logical.

Rand is being wise. He is also being a leader.

Leadership isn't blaming other people. Obama didn't create this NUMERIC dead end by himself (indeed, he had at least part of it straight at the beginning, as YOU SHOULD SEE RIGHT HERE IN HIS OWN WORDS:

Rand Paul is displaying leadership and INCREDIBLE mastery of himself in being civil and bi-partisan while also speaking to some harsh realities ... and rightfully noting mistakes all around. I expect - and certainly hope - this will accrue to his benefit if he decides to run for President and, in any case, in the world at large.

Bill of Rights /Amendment X: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Do you need a politician or judge to "interpret" those 28


This morning I had a fantasy of a TV commercial showing someone looking like the President sitting in the kitchen with his wife. The entire floor is buried several feet deep in credit cards. His wife says, with extreme anxiety in her voice: "Honey, We can't pay off the credit cards...we can't even afford to make minimum payments on the cards! What are we going to do??!!"

To which her husband says: "I have a great idea! We can get more credit cards and BORROW the money to pay the interest!"

And then a truck drops another 4 feet of credit cards on top of them.

And then: "I have a great idea! We can get more credit cards and BORROW the money to pay the interest!"

Another truck dump and we cant even see their heads anymore. But we hear:

"I have a great idea! We can get more credit cards and BORROW the money to pay the interest! AND MAYBE A FEW EXTRA TO PAY FOR BETTER HEALTHCARE!!"

And then some concluding text:



Now, admittedly, the majority of the American people aren't particularly bright, much less responsible. But surely all but the most moronic could understand the message if it was presented this graphically?

But it isn't being presented. At least it isn't being presented cleanly and clearly and dispassionately and unencumbered with other political baggage.

Issues such as whether we should have the NSA surveilling everyone on the planet 24/7, whether we should be policeman to the world, whether we should have socialized health care, whether we should even fix our roads and infrastructure ... ARE *ALL* SUBSIDIARY TO WHETHER WE CAN AFFORD ANY OF THESE THINGS WITHOUT DESTROYING OUR NATION ECONOMICALLY!

Reality is going to bring us to task at some point and payback is going to be a b*tch. And that's just FACT.

We are already at the point where ALL tax inflows put together can scarcely cover mandatory outflows: interest on the debt PLUS SS/Medicare, etc. We are already at the point, well beyond the point, where every penny of everything we regard as government "service" is underwater and cannot be paid for without more credit cards. Further, while some like to point to how the top 0.1% of Americans are getting richer (and are getting vast Fascist-like perquisites in terms of tax breaks and other favors from government) THE FACT IS THAT EVEN CONFISCATION OF 100% OF THE WEALTH OF THE TOP 0.1% WOULDN'T STOP THE FACT THAT THIS ROAD IS SHORT-TERM TERMINAL.

Why isn't someone - Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, or C4L - trying a little harder to put harsh and terminal reality more clearly before the public?

Ross Perot used to present us with charts which showed the fiscal problem pretty clearly and which, overnight, made him a major political force in his own right. Where are those charts now? Why do people drone on and on in front of Congress or on TV but nobody shows the reality of the numbers in simple to understand graphics.

We are bankrupt, people! What part of we havent' got a pot to pee in is so hard to understand? What part is honestly "political"? We can't afford ANYTHING any more: no more wars, no more NSA, no more public schools, no more increase in socialized medicine, no more ... anything.

You can't get there with more credit cards. Nor with more taxes. Nor with both put together. We are BANKRUPT and now we are digging our children an economic grave as well?

Bill of Rights /Amendment X: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Do you need a politician or judge to "interpret" those 28

I heard just the other day

that we have defaulted, when Nixon took us off the gold standard due to the fact there wasn't enough gold to pay back those we owed.

We should fix entitlements?

We should fix entitlements? He is looking more like Santorum who famously said "you gotta go along to get along". Rand is not offering any libertarian contrast within the republican establishment. He appears to have sold out, if he was ever "in".

Obomba should be...

impeached immediately. I have never seen such a "man" occupy the white house. Disturbing.

This is the man who once invoked Bastiat

He sounds more weasely by the day. Mitch or some factor is turning a man into a NWO mouse. Straight up.

CFR association aside, Cruz read from Bastiat in his filibuster and expounded on it. If I'm to have a sellout, I'd prefer an eloquent one. Like Reagan! Now that was an eloquent sellout. Ahh the good old days when we were sold out by people with at least pretty words. Rand isn't even doing this much.

I have utmost respect for the father. Sadly the apple has fallen far from the tree.

Did we just watch the same video?

Yes, he's calm, but so was the Good Doctor most of the time. We all love it when the Good Doctor gets feisty, but that's just not Rand. Rand is playing it safe. Not sure why we could smear NWO grease all over him because of that.

I thought he was eloquent and on point. No speech defects, not stopping to think of the right answer. Even though he is not made in the exact image of his father, he's still another good doctor that I believe is mainly focused on the ideals he father taught him, while also stretching himself a little to become a household name.

So are you saying that you

So are you saying that you believe that Rand will get serious about defying this corrupt system when he gets more power, so in the mean time he has to go along to get along? It seems to me that people have a bit too much hope that the "system" can be reformed by people who compromise their principles. The system is totally corrupt and fraudulent. Rand is just legitimizing a fraudulent criminal system of government. Why would the media put Rand on TV so often? It is not because he is anti-establishment and bucking the system. It is because the establishment has a use for him.


He has defied it in multiple ways already, like the drone filibuster (where he got people to hate drones EVERYWHERE by just arguing against drones HERE (very smart!)), like hemp legislation, like felon suffrage, like a 5-year balanced budget plan. Obviously you don't think he goes far enough, but if he goes so far that he falls off the balance beam, he can't exactly get a gold medal, can he?

Maybe getting half of Ron's platform on national media EVERY DAY is better than getting all of Ron's platform on national media ONCE A YEAR. Maybe it isn't, but if any effort to work inside the system is f-ed anyway, then it also can't hurt the movement by improving the public opinion of libertarianism in general, even if Rand is not the quintessential libertarian.

Betting on Ron was high reward potential, but high risk. Betting on Rand is moderate reward potential, low risk. Still doesn't make it a bad investment.

great post.

great post.

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Why are you here? You have

Why are you here? You have made only 1 post ONE since you have been here over 1 year ago! You come here trying to convince us that government cant be fixed and call someone a sellout but then attack the guy that is trying to fix it with no proof he is a sellout? You make no sense, what is it that you want, a fixed government or NO government? I am trying to understand where you are coming from.

Neither should Boehner


allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.