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Sen. Mike Lee: Public Land vs. Government Land

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Way to Go!

He sounds like a secessionist at heart (':

"The Yankee is compelled to toil to make the world go around."
-Admiral Raphael Semmes, CSN

What's this about?

The Federal Government Corporation, whose headquarters is D.C., pays no taxes to its host country.

This is a whole lot more significant than it first appears

Its clear now that the FG is not just acting as the stewards of the nations lands, but the owners of it. Its also clear that they can no longer be entrusted with that responsibility, its been abused. A proposal should be considered in congress to return the fed lands "to the states or the people" as per the 10th amendment.

kudos Mike Lee

...but Mike, PLEASE learn the term "non-partisan"

Mr. Lee, I'd hire a body

Mr. Lee, I'd hire a body guard and soon. People who connect the Federal Government is a Corporation dots rarely live much longer after doing so, especially on such a large venue as TV.

Southern Agrarian



We elected another one too,

We elected another one too, Dan Liljenquist, but Orrin Hatch blatantly stole the election.

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

Ron Paul was right when he proposed abolishing the Dept. of

the Interior, he said "I think the Interior has been settled already"

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Sorry, But I Think Your Title To This Thread Is Misleading.

It should be "Public Land" vs "Private Land", and what is ownership?

My definitions are:
Public land is land that is owned by "We the People", but "Managed" by a government entity.

Private land and private ownership is covered in Amendment 4 of the U.S. Constitution. If a person has a house or property on land he has not bought and paid for but was granted the right to build on, he/she owns the house, but not the land.

Ownership usually means "to possess something without any other claims."

Please look up squatters rights.

Written contracts with dates, are very important, in all dealings, imho.


I am pretty sure

The government owns public land.
As far as I know, no individual holds a claim to the land owned by the government.

Its not "owned" by the government

The lands have been placed "in trust" by the government to preserve and protect for future generations. The ownership is by the people of the United states. Its now clearly evident that that "trust" has been abused.

placed it trust means...

In this case, owned by the government for the benefit of society(ostensibly).

That is how a trust works. Once the trustor gives the property to the trustee, the trustor no longer owns that property.

That is why even if a suit is perfected against a trustor, property given to the trustee cannot be taken.

Please Show Me A Deed .

When I took real estate classes, many years ago, it was stressed that in order to "OWN" land, ownership had to be passed from the previous owner to the new owner. Treaties were written instrument transfers years ago.
However, since much land in the USA was already occupied by native americans, who couldn't read or write or understand english, french, or spanish, many of these treaties would be null and void because in order for a treaty to be legal, all parties to the treaty must fully understand the conditions of the treaty.

As far as I know, many, many treaties between Washington D.C. and the native american people are still being contested in courts.






I live in a city where the

I live in a city where the entire downtown is a national park. What are they going to do, close the city?

It looks like they could if they wanted.

It looks like they could if they wanted.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

He 'schooled' them? A milk toast, serfish whimper!

The title of this post is entirely sarcastic!

That was a most wimpish, milk toast, prostrating remonstration before the throne of tyranny... tragically, an increasingly frequent bleating heard rising from the masses of serfdom in recent weeks! The Republicrats seem bent on lining up for penance instead of seizing the reins of duty by the horns and cracking the whip of the constitution!

Why? Are they all held hostage by the NSA?

What happened to common law, the rule of law, God given rights, the chain hanging about the necks of public servants, it's weight greater as the servant swears to a more central government?!

Where are the men of honor who stand, even to the death, on principles founded by great founders, who 'swear to their own hurt' when once having taken the oath of servitude to the Constitution and then faced with numerous usurpers-in-chief?!

Let us consider what might have been said, what could have been said, what should have been said!

It is the order of this congress under the present state of government that the house holding the strings to the purse has banned the operation of government! So saying, all federal servants and their subordinates are banned from their employ in every aspect of government this congress has so defunded!

The clear meaning of this is that all the reported actions of agents of government who have showed up to impede, address, or other wise interfere with the rights, freedoms, and simply the personal preferences of sovereign citizens, are 'ULTRA VIRES'... WITHOUT THE POWER TO PROCLAIM, ENFORCE, CARRY OUT!

They operate outside of law and are thus criminals, subject to arrest, detainment, charge, trial, punishment!

They are in the direct path of any citizen's resistance, which resistance is founded upon the law of the land, from the constitution, the Bill of Rights, State criminal law, and personal civil offense! As such, any citizen so persecuted is, and ought to be, vigilant in protecting their God given rights, as well as upholding the law in defense of the common, civilized, and God given natural rights of all sovereign citizens!

Any public servant found afoul of the rights of the people, the law of the state, or their oath of office, from the lowest level, the 'usurper in chief president', up to the highest level of the House of Representatives, is to consider their actions as punishable by removal from office and indictment under law.

What is wrong with the actions surrounding the parks you may ask?

The land belongs to the people! The public servants are hired to care for it according to law, when government is running. In the absence of government the land still belongs to the people and there can be no prohibition on it's use! To do so is criminal: kidnapping, extortion, coercion, and a host of other felonies!

The people cannot be enjoined from enjoying every right under the constitution and common law they should have always enjoyed. Federal public servants who are without work can queue up for public or private assistance if they have no means or savings!

Further, the people should be encouraged to do the following when faced with any action of tyrants previously employed by, or purporting to be serving, the people's government:

First, remember and repent, for it is your own appalling apathy and lust for ease and serfdom which has allowed the failure of freedom, the rising of tyranny! If you are blessed with another opportunity to rectify your wrongs, be watchmen on the walls of the nominations, and vote for truth, specific principles, and righteousness!

Second, defend yourself, your families, your property, as you would from any other criminal. Like the founders, give them sustenance or drive them from your land if they trespass.

Third, call the local sheriff and have them do their duty of arrest.

In essence be clear and cognizant of the truth of history, the truth of nature and nature's God, that you are endowed by your creator with certain unalienable Rights, and the temporal defense of those rights is not only your duty, but your holy right!

Further be clear, that government action which calls itself ruler without the blessing and invigorating power of the people's representatives, is tyrannical, and not a lawful government; it is a chimera, a mirage with fangs, without moral rectitude!

But keep hope, for such a government is as a tyrannical blast of steam... it quickly dissipates when faced with the cooling winds of truth and the rule of law! It's perfidious servants will rapidly skulk into obscurity when faced with that which will haunt the oath taker who has become the oath breaker!


After Casper Milqtoast, a comic strip character created by Harold Tucker Webster(1885-1952)

American English dysphemism for a weak, timid or bland person.
EXAMPLE: Harry Reid

I agree with the bulk of your lengthy post.
I disagree with your assessment of Sen. Lee.

I find Lee to be one of the few defenders,
of our Liberty, our Constitution and our Republic.
But I see where you're coming from,
Sometimes we don't want the dog to bark...we want him to bite.
Such as when barking becomes ineffective!

Exercise Liberty...with a bark and a bite.

America Rising.
The Constitution Stands.

"That the pen is mightier than the sword would be proven false; if I should take my sword and cut off the hand that holds the pen" - American Nomad

Well said!

"There shall be no hunting in the Kings forests" and here I thought we settled that a couple hundred years ago.

Must Listening - Federal Control of Land

Um, hello! All sorts of jurisdictions have given over their land to the federal government, which now claims the unilateral power to close not only (so-called) "public" parks on federal land but also private businesses and even residences legally established on that land.

Thank you, Mike Lee. This *is* the time to spread awareness of what it means for the federal government to claim so much control over "public" lands - the MAJORITY of land in some states... and A GROWING PROBLEM. Check out "FEDERAL LAND GRAB" for many articles such as the following re the Obama administration's attempts to transfer land, resources, and power to the federal government.

Earlier I was listening to then Sen. Obama talk about how to circumvent the Constitution to redistribute the wealth.
The Obama Motto: There's more than one way to skin a cat!

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Do you think all this

Do you think all this highlighting of federal control over "national" parks/lands/roads etc. is a directive from Agenda 21 and using this gov't shutdown as an excuse to go forward with this agenda?

give the land

to veterans and seniors in exchange for benefits.

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