Ron Paul Fundraising - keep it going

Folks we MUST keep the numbers rising. Please do what you can to donate all you can. It's sad that it's the money that talks, but it is said that this past quarter's success gave Ron $20M free publicity.

I'm off in the dark to do a later!

- J

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Gridiron challenge

Come on football fans!!! Let's make this fun. I hereby donate one dollar for every point that the Dallas Cowboys score. Not bad huh considering Romo is almost as hot as Rono Paul : ) . Whaddya think? Get your friends in on this action and spread the word. Who's YOUR team hotstuff??

All it takes is $8/week.

There seems to be a perception that only large donations will help, but that's not true and that PREVENTS many from donating. For example, did the majority of people who donated in Q3 donate $96 or more? No. The average donation was $40 per donation (I'm still trying to figure out the per person total, but I know it's less than $96). But, if most donate $8 per week in the remaining 12 weeks in Q4, that's exactly what they'll end up donating. The money adds up. More info here:

The true goal of the campaign should not be about money but about exactly what you say: educating others and making them passionate about Dr. Paul. Unfortunately, it takes money to help spread the message, so it's important to raise cash, but it's not the end goal. I like bedr1's message:

In summary:

1) Energizing everyone to make regular small contributions will help meet the fundraising goals. We're behind and some focus is needed.

2) Converting hearts and minds of others is the end goal.

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I mentioned this once befoe in another thread...

If we all pick something to give up and donate at the time we would have done the other thing, then we can boost the numbers some more.

I am giving up lunch out with coworkers. Starting Monday, I am giving $10 a day, everyday at noon when I otherwise would have had lunch... (This is ontop of my regular donation schedule).

If $5mil made him a darkhorse, then $12m should make him THE frontrunner. So let' sget it done and beat the schedule.

And yes, we need new supporters. Also, you can match with other people of like mind. If you have friends who like RP, but support Kucinich, offer a donation match. i.e. If you donate $25 to Kucinich, then they will donate $25 to RP.

At $25 a donation, I have had very few non-supporters outright turn me down to donate to RP. Even if they think he doesn't have a chance, everyone is willing to throw $25 at ideas that they support.

We are $600K (or so, haven't done the math exactly) below the milestone for the week. This is a problem that we all need to do our best to help resolve. I am recontacting all of those that I know don't follow the online activity to redonate.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Growing support = growing fundraising.

I think it's obtainable, but it requires more supporters. They should keep the $12M goal for the quarter but aim for $3M this month, $4M for November and $5M for December.

Too Ambitious Perhaps

I'm starting to think that the campaign's plan of $4 million per month is a bit ambitious. Perhaps if they included donations earned offline, we stand a chance, but as it stands we'll need close to 50 days to reach $4 million.

Don't worry

Don't worry. I have a feeling the total will rise faster the last week of each month. Lotta people gave all they could spare for the last push. Give them time to pay their bills and get some money together.


I think I have to agree here, I know I for one basically tapped myself out for that last week of Q3. Sure, it wasn't much in the grand scheme of things, but finding gas money is going to continue to be interesting this week... (not so much a long term planner, I guess)

I'm going to try to move to smaller weekly donations, starting next week, with maybe a larger RP 'christmas gift'.

More people has got to be the answer. I've been focusing on just getting the message to folks hoping they find their way to donate. I will start mentioning how helpful even a one time $8 donation could be.