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Trey Grayson says that Rand Paul Can Win the Youth Vote

WASHINGTON WHISPERS - Rand Paul Can Win the Kids, Says Former Political Rival
By NIKKI SCHWAB | US News | October 9, 2013

Though a former rival, Trey Grayson says Rand Paul can capture the votes of young people.
When Trey Grayson thinks about the Republican politician most likely to captivate young people, he laughs.

"Sure, I love the irony of me answering this, but the first is Rand Paul," Grayson, the former Kentucky Secretary of State and current director of the Harvard Institute of Politics, said. "For those of you who don't know, I ran against him and did not win," Grayson told a crowd at the National Press Club Wednesday.

Grayson was Paul's Senate primary opponent back in 2010 and was considered the more mainstream Republican candidate of the two, having had Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's, R-Ky., blessing. Paul trounced Grayson, with 59 percent of the vote, compared to Grayson's 35 percent. "So that's me, it's OK," Grayson shrugged. "But going back to that campaign and continuing, [Paul] does a great job – some of it's issue based, the younger Republicans tend to be more libertarian and he tends to be a little bit more on the libertarian side of the party and he speaks to them on issues – but he also, I think, speaks to them."

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Speaking as a person who knows Mr. Grayson personally ...

This is not out of character.

Politics aside, the man has character and is gracious.

He was never an idealogue, but he wants what is best.

He could very well be the next junior Republican Senator from KY if he so chooses ... or senior senator if 2014 & 2016 goes as planned.

He may not ever be a great leader in the liberty movement, but he would be a loyal supporter.

God Bless.