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Obama Needs A, "Game Changing Event," For WW3

Please read these 3 key paragraphs from the following article.

The Case for Chicago Becoming the Next False Flag Event


"The coming false flag attack upon Chicago will be the culminating event of a well-orchestrated plot designed to preserve the Petrodollar scheme, which will ultimately start WWW III by providing a pretext to attack Iran and agitating Russia and China into responding."

"Additionally, Rahm Emanuel, a strongly rumored Mossad agent, inexplicably left a high level cabinet position in the Obama administration and mysteriously became the mayor of Chicago. With this kind of downward move, Emanuel’s next career move would involve vying for a dog catcher’s position in Cook County. Emanuel’s career path makes absolutely no sense unless one considers that he was placed in an executive position, in Chicago, in order to facilitate a false flag attack."

"Why would Iran, a nation who is avoiding war with the United States at all costs, have to be invaded? The simplest answer is that they are selling their oil for gold and it is serving to undermine the Petrodollar scheme of the Federal Reserve and the rest of their central bankster friends in other countries. In fact, in the same Brookings report, they also propose the use of MEK as a suitable American proxy which could be used to provoke Iran. For that purpose, the MEK would need arms. Who was in position to supply the MEK weapons in order to carry out this deed? It was none other than Christopher Stevens and now these radical extremists have at least 20,000 hand held stinger missiles and an untold number of small arms. The only thing left for Clinton to do was to erase the only link between the State Department and this dastardly plan designed to ultimately get the United States into WWW III and that would be the elimination of the middle man, Chris Stephens."

-------------- Full article linked above

After reading the entire article, I feel that Dave Hodges just gave the entire Liberty Movement 3 huge pieces of the political puzzle.

1. Chicago
2. Emanuel
3. Benghazi

This is, "Sirius." The official theme song of the Chicago Bulls.

I don't know about you guys, but I really don't trust anything that is dressed in red and black and has two horns. Is that really a bull, or is it the goat of Mendes?



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