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“The American Liberty Association was established to provide a platform for individuals who believe in Judeo-Christian values and libertarian political philosophy. At the heart of our organization we believe that everyone has been endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that these God-given rights cannot be given or taken away by any government, and that when a government attempts the abridgement of these rights we as individuals are not only justified, but obligated to appeal to heaven.”

http://americanlibertyassociation.com/ - https://www.facebook.com/ALA.AmericanLiberty

This will go a long ways to help their efforts!

"Justin Machacek is an Emmy award winning television producer, independent faith-based filmmaker, and promotional creative. Justin works as the Senior On Air Producer for one of the largest Christian television networks in the world, and has worked closely with many of the most prominent Christian ministries and faith-based media organizations in America. He was also a spokesman for Evangelicals for Ron Paul 2012 and now along with Pastor Brian Jacobs (Pastor Jacobs worked closely with Rev. Billy Graham in the past and more recently served as spokesman of Christians for Ron Paul 2012) together they head up the newly formed American Liberty Association."

For Liberty!

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What does the Fir Tree

What does the Fir Tree represent

Southern Agrarian

"The Tree Flag

(or Appeal to Heaven Flag) was one of the flags used during the American Revolution. The flag, featuring a pine tree flag with the motto "An Appeal to God," or, more usually, "An Appeal to Heaven," was used originally by a squadron of six cruisers commissioned under George Washington's authority as commander in chief of the Continental Army in October 1775."

But why a tree?

"The old liberty tree in Boston was the largest of a grove of beautiful elms that stood in Hanover square at the corner of Orange . . . and Essex streets . . . It received the name of liberty tree, from the association called the Sons of Liberty holding their meetings under it during the summer of 1765. The ground under it was called Liberty Hall. A pole fastened to its trunk rose far above its branching top, and when a red flag was thrown to the breezethe signal was understood by the people. Here the Sons of Liberty held many notable meetings, and pacards and banners were often suspended from the limbs or affixed to the tree."

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