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Do you believe that a knowledge revolution is possible?

Sometimes I check out the political articles on Yahoo! News, Drudge, Huffpo, and other similar sites. Many times it’s just to see the array of comments. They usually are of the same variety, of course, depending on the website. You can always count on the guy with some patriotic crying eagle, someone with bad grammar, the name-calling cheerleaders, and the crowd with well-articulated rants. Every once in a while I read a decent comment that makes me ponder some deep, provoking thought. Though, most of the time this isn’t the case. But, these articles do seem to provide a sampling of the American psyche, and this worries me.
It might be the article that the leads the commenters to form some pretty sorry opinions, but good God people, where were you educated? Were you educated? Public school alone doesn’t count. Nor does a university. I don’t care that you can’t tell me the name of senators from your state or even three of the nine Supreme Court Justices’ names. What I do care about is the ineptitude of the vast majority of people in this county and their ability to form independent, reasoned, deductive arguments and respond with the same.
The current government “shutdown” has really brought out the dunces...


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First, a chunk of those

First, a chunk of those responses are paid. That needs to be understood as a fact at this point.

Second, most people who are 'awake' don't stick around those sites and opt for better information sources (like dailypaul).

The mass enlightenment is happening now, but its success depends on some key things:

1. Will we see cheap unthrottled internet for the masses? I'm talking $10/month. With the consolidation of isps this will be difficult but if it happens everything will accelerate.

2. Will people start dropping cable TV at higher rates replacing them with new internet video systems? This is where the real shift happens. When sites like this can be just another TV station the others will look like the trash they are.

3.Can we prevent future legislative attempts to control the internet?

4. Can the people start producing their own shows, movies, and news stations that rival the quality of cable programming? My bet on this one is we can.

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The age of digital information and electronic communications

is now, and what a tremendous opportunity it is to reach out to vastly more people than ever thought possible.

There needs to be an influx of independently operated media outlets whose broadcast audience is global in scope.

"The People's Voice" is an upcoming one of these stations that will be broadcasting from at least five continents.

One channel may not suffice in an attempt at a gnostic revolution though, which is why many stations are needed.

At the same time there is need for a "counter-culture", yet commonplace social network/internet hidden from government view to connect the like minds and it should interact with the hypothetical independent media outlets.

To me Personally, the notion of a collective mind seems intuitively true, and if the collective mind can be changed, I think we will draw our own "red line," but unlike Obomer, ours' is real; and that is just for starters.

It will if we make it happen.

It will if we make it happen.

It's happening now...

... will it be enough to allow for a peaceful transition back to a Constitutional Republic? I pray that it will happen.

From what I can tell, their is an awakening happening and that gives me hope.


"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

Would that mean lasting success

If we went back to a constitutional republic? What would prevent the return or big government if the constitution failed the first time? (Honest question)

I do not have hope ... I have a known certainty ...

that a knowledge revolution ... a peaceful revolution ...

will occur.

It is required by science.

It is required by faith.

It is required by reason and by God.

There is not a single law within the universe that would contradict this inevitability.

And more liberty will be the result.

God Bless.

History would beg to differ.

History would beg to differ.

Before man ...

history would beg to differ that a being with a conscience was possible.

Millions of species over millions of years said it couldn't be done.

And yet science required it as a necessary step of evolution.

It was an inevitability.

+1 Believe


allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.


When first becoming interested in politics and seeking answers yet before discovering Dr. Ron and the DP etc, I remember how disappointed I felt when seeing that many of the online 'debate' forums were basically an exchange of vitriol.

3 cheers to our host MN, our inspiring Congressman, and the great crowd on this site!