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Who Is The Face of The Republican Party Today?


John, "Would You Like Democrat Fries With That?" McCain?

Chris, "The Krispy Democrat in Disguise Donut," Christie?

John, "The Bend and Breaks," Boehner?

Ted, "Slick CFR," Cruz?

Sarah, "You're An Ugly Feminazi Biotch," Palin?


That Rand Paul guy with the cool curly hair?

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You are forgetting

Mike "the government owns 70% of my state" Lee

Smeagol. He wants his Ring of power back.

Yes my precious.

Free includes debt-free!

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Couldn't help it

He's the man.

Easy question.... FOX

Easy question.... FOX NEWS.... Whom ever they put up as the front runner the sheep vote for...

Foxes flavor of the month club....

The face of the Republicans?

Superficially: McCain/Cruz

Hopefully: Justin Amash

Otherwise: Graham's name comes to mind

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You forgot to mention Bobby Jindal

What's wrong with you ;-)

He's the man.


Ron Paul of course!Shania Twain still the one LOL!(Ronald Reagan)Brillant!That is a great comment!Still laughing!

who cares.... I vote

who cares.... I vote principle over party.

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Still the One - LOL

Michael Nystrom

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Glad I can be some measure of service.


He's the man.