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Please help! Dr. Greg Brannon-Senate candidate, Constitutional Expert and the Next R.P.-Needs You On His 'Online Action Team'!

Dr. Brannon needs your help for his ONLINE ACTION TEAM so that he can fight the establishment Thom Tillis and the evil Karl Rove.

Spread the word about the uncompromising Greg Brannon, the next Senator from North Carolina.

If you're unfamiliar with 'the man with the Constitutional plan' see the video below or this thread: http://www.dailypaul.com/301723/greg-brannon-the-next-ron-pa...

Learn more about the team and join it here: www.gregbrannon.com/online


And, please, if you are able, find it in your heart to give a financial contribution to this man's campaign. He will stand for your liberty.

Donate here if you can: http://www.gregbrannon.net/q3donate.aspx?pid=109dp

Don't forget to follow Greg on www.twitter.com/@drgregbrannon and www.facebook.com/drgregbrannon

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Please help spread the word

Please help spread the word about Dr. Brannon.

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His recitation of the many ways Ocare is unconstitutional is


Undo what Wilson did

Brannon bump

Brannon bump

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I'm near speechless. This guy is precisely the type leader we need at this moment in time. Self assured, will organized, uncompromising, and grounded in the Constitution. I'm writing a check and praying for his safety (the big boys won't like him).

Undo what Wilson did

Dr. Brannon is extraordinary

Dr. Brannon is extraordinary--he's one of a kind. He knows his history inside and out and he knows the Constitution line by line. He's special and he needs YOU.

Please help him if you can.