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Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura discuss 9/11

I just watched Ron's interview with Jesse on the Ron Paul Channel.

I knew Jesse's views on 9/11 but I was surprised to hear Ron talk about it more openly than I've heard him do so before. He sounded more like a truther than I had believed him to be. He even mocked people who use the word "truther" as an insult. After all, truth is treason in an empire of lies, as he said.

I know Ron always talked about how we need a new investigation but he never gave me the impression that he believed anyone other than Bin Laden did it. But in this interview both he and Jesse made it clear that they don't believe the official version of the Kennedy assassination or 9/11, and that the commissions that investigated both were nothing but cover ups.

Great stuff.

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I always thought Ron was

I always thought Ron was careful on this subject, but never lied to hurt his campaign (more a truther than he could say for political reasons). Much like I hope Rand is playing the game...

Can I see some more evidence please...

As a semi truther myself (converted relatively recently)I take issue with someone saying Ron Paul is now a true truther, because that means he was lying before??? So thats pretty much against Ron's truthfulness in the past and this thread itself can bring alot of scrutiny to my hero Ron Paul. So can you show some clips or show a transcript for evidence that shows Ron Paul is now a 911 truther? Please enlighten us, because this is bigger news that what the author probably intended. Thank

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Brilliant interview!

"Turn off your TV's, and turn on the truth!"

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thank you . . .

for the preview--

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Dr. Paul is an intelligent person that seeks the truth.

Of course he does not believe the official conspiracy story.

Thought this was one of the

Thought this was one of the best episodes, Ventura was on fire.

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I was happy to see Jesse

I was happy to see Jesse mention the issue with the metal blocks away turning to dust.

RP Ch. Preview page of the interview & Jesse's FB comments

praising the experience:

Jesse Ventura: Exposing Government Lies

[** anyone know the embed code?]

October 8, 2013

Ron welcomes former MN governor Jesse Ventura to discuss the legality of the recent military ops in Africa, freedom for whistleblowers and the JFK conspiracies in his new book.
Episode Duration: 27:06

I've enjoyed many conversations with Ron Paul over the years.

Jesse Ventura - The Official Facebook Page · 160,773 like this
11 hours ago ·

I've enjoyed many conversations with Ron Paul over the years. I was pleased to discuss "They Killed Our President" on his new internet show - The Ron Paul Channel. To subscribe and view the interview, click here: http://ow.ly/pDda8

Jesse Ventura: Exposing Government Lies
Ron welcomes former MN governor Jesse Ventura to discuss the legality of the recent military ops in Africa, freedom for whistleblowers and the JFK...

Predictions in due Time...

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Ron knows...

only a fool could watch the collapse of building 7 and believe that it was induced by fire alone. And Ron is no fool. Neither is Rand. But to admit that publicly is political suicide. It's the wrong fight...right now.

Like I said

I am sure Ron has always believed the official 9-11 story is bogus. When he was running for President it would have been political suicide to say so!!! He was certainly hinting at the fact, during his campaign, when he pointed out that government investigation are almost always coverups.


Here's the preview:


Gotta be a subscriber for the whole thing, though.

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Yes, it was an awesome interview!!

Turn off your TV and turn on the truth! (If you have a TV :)


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for a bootleg!

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