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Map of Europe from 1000 AD to present with timeline

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It was a good day...

When the Ottomans were driven out of Wallachia and Moldova. Had this not occurred, I probably never would have met my future wife. I would like to take this occasion to thank the Russian Empire for making this happening, along with additional help provided by France and the U.K. at that time.

I just got back from Romania and have a far fresher perspective on the history of that area, including a less horrific picture of Prince Vlad Tepes and Transylania and Wallachia's struggle against the Ottomans.

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what they said below....

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I liked it when the Muslims were kicked out

I liked it when the Muslims were kicked out of Spain. That's when people had guts.

Spanish people had names like Matamoros, which comes from mata (to kill, slay) and Moros (Moors, the Muslims). It's not just a city.

Unfortunately Canstantinopole fell. Let that be a lesson to everyone.

they missed it

needed a final dramatic conversion of most of the countries into a single color EU for a once and final centralization


Not the final, the EU is just the most recent conversion.
The EU is ready to crumble now. It'll just be a blip on that video in the future.

I was so bummed when Scotland

I was so bummed when Scotland turned to Great Britain. It stood for so long. France did pretty well too


Isn't there a growing independence movement going on in Scotland right now, or is it just hype?

A signature used to be here!

Yes, there is. Its just

Yes, there is. Its just political theater though. About 1/3 of the population would put on their kilts and kill some english if they had the chance. It runs in their blood I guess

Imperial Map of the Middle East

Good find; I prefer this one: it really shows the prominence of Israel in the Middle East--despite it's small stature. Sometimes, their rhetoric comes across like they're being bullied by others...but I'm sure if we consulted a proliferation map, the juxtaposition would be even clearer.



this is, indeed, fascinating--

what does this have to do with neo-nazis?

I am confused.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Not sure.

Not sure.

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To the neonazis here.....

... note there was no Germany until approx 1840. Also note that the etimology of the word "Deutsch" (root theotan, teutani) means "vulgar" not superior.

And there you have it!

On another note, thank you for posting this. It's fascinating!


His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

not sure

about your explanation about the word "deutsch", pretty sure it means Volk and Volk means people in english. deutsch comes from the indogermanic word teuta which means volk or land, therefore deutschland! info from a german guy :)

Translation and etimology are two different things.

You are correct about the translation, but the etimology of theu-tan, theo-dan, teutoni, meant "vulgar", which if you know your latin does mean people of the land. Literal translation from the proto-germanic (and proto-celtic, which also used the word) means the same.

On the note of what's what....

Names for the German language
(wiki, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Names_for_the_German_language )

"German" originates from the ancient word for the men who wore the spear "ger" - so German means "SpearMan" The English name "Dutch" for the people of The Netherlands means "Deutsch" (German), since Dutch is one of the dialects of Low German ('Plattdeutsch/Plattdutch)

In Italian the sole name for German is still tedesco, from the Latin theodiscus, meaning "vernacular". Notice: the name for GERMANY in Italian is Germania, for the language: Tedesco

A possible explanation for the use of words meaning "mute" (e.g., nemoj in Russian, němý in Czech, nem/nijem in Serbian) to refer to German (and also to Germans) in Slavic languages is that Germans were the first people Slavic tribes encountered with whom they could not communicate. The Slavic names for German originates from "people with no language"
Romanian used to use the Slavonic term "nemţeşte", but "germană" is now widely used. Hungarian "német" is also of Slavonic origin. The Arabic name for Austria, النمسا ("an-namsa"), is derived from the Slavonic term.
Note also that though the Russian term for the language is немецкий (nemetskij), the country is Германия (Germania). However, in certain other Slavic languages, such as Czech, the country name (Německo [ɲɛmɛt͡sko]) is similar to the name of the language, německy ([ɲɛmɛt͡skɪ]).

Finnish and Estonian
Finns and Estonians use the term saksa, originally from the Saxon tribe.

North Germanic languages
Scandinavians use derivatives of the word Tyskland/Þýskaland (from Theodisca) for the country and tysk(a)/þýska for the language.

Hebrew traditionally (nowadays this is not the case) used the Biblical term אַשְׁכֲּנָז (Ashkenaz) (Genesis 10:3) to refer to Germany, or to certain parts of it, and the Ashkenazi Jews are those who originate from Germany and Eastern Europe and formerly spoke Yiddish as their native language, derived from Middle High German. Modern Hebrew uses גֶּרְמָנִי germaní (Or גֶּרְמָנִית germanít for the language).

Other Romance languages
The French term is allemand, the Spanish term is alemán, the Welsh term is almaeneg, the Catalan term is alemany, and the Portuguese term is alemão; all derive from the ancient Alamanni tribal alliance, meaning literally "All Men".

The Latvian term vācu possibly comes from the German word Volk (folk, people).

Lithuanian term for the German language is "Vokiškai" or "Vokiečių kalba" for the German language.

The Scottish Gaelic term for the German language, Gearmailtis, is formed in the standard way of adding -(a)is to the end of the country name.


And Leonard NeMOY (Nemoy means mute, lit. "the mute one" or "the muted" vs. nemetzkii which means mute as an adjective.)

Look up Tuatha de Danann

if you really want your mind blown.

It's the same etimological root as teutani.

Then google "danaan ancient greece" (no quotes). It's the same people who left Egypt by boat at the fall of the Bronze age. Crazy shyte for sure!

Perhaps it means in summary that proto-Germans were really the lost tribe of the Jews! HAHA Wouldn't that be a gas!


you could be right, anyway, wictionary tells me something different.

There was no Germany until 1871.

There was no "Germany" until 1871. And that's only in the same sense as there being no "Italy" until 1861.

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
A common sense take on politics and current events.


Wow. So Germany was a land of

Wow. So Germany was a land of grass huts and spear-throwers until 1840, and then, suddenly, these poor vulgar boobs managed to generate a class of philosophers and artists comparable with and in many cases superior to the great achievers of the world's most advanced societies.

And the parts of the world that actually are lands of grass huts and stone age technology (except where Westerners have intervened), even in the 21st century, are equal to or better than Germany, because Deutsch means vulgar. Got it.

Just sayin'. Characterizing as Nazis anyone with realistic perceptions of history and human types doesn't help us get to the bottom of things.

Not bagging on Germans. Criticizing the neonazis here....

....and their stupid visions of superiority.

I lived, worked and went to school in Germany for several years and speak 100% fluently. I love it. And I am astounded about the PROFOUND ignorance and hatred that neonazis harbor.

I am

pretty sure not many libertarians here are also neo nazis. Just saying. The nazi problem in germany is actually a poverty and education problem, nothing else. The hatred comes from the poverty. The nazis here in germany live in east germany which was occupied by the soviets and they didn't allow free markets. After the fall of the soviet union east germany stayed poor and still is poor. Since 1991 every german has to pay this crazy tax to help east germany....guess what? It doesn't work. People from east germany are still leaving and moving to the west. So no jobs for the people in the east....they are poor and unfortunately they will stay poor. They channel their hatred against people from other countries, jews etc...As long as they don't have a perspective for a better future this hatred will stay in their hearts.

I am a black german and I feel very sorry for those nazis :(

The current count of active DP posters I have...

who are is about 15-16. Of course, they all insist they aren't, but they clearly are.

Eben... schoen dich wiederzusehen! :)


bringt manchmal nichts sich in solche gespräche über nazis zu verwickeln. ich weiß dass du es gut meinst :)

Ja. Hast recht.

Es war eigentlich nicht ueber N....gemeint, es war ein Kommentar ueber einigen hier die die selben Meinungen wie N. klar ausdruecken. Aber danke fuer den netten Reply.

And who made you head

And who made you head neo-nazi hunter? What is your game, pal?
Making friends with the SPLC douchebags?

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

Why do you care?

Is it hurting you?

And no, I'm on the SPLC hit list myself. Thank you very much.

I have the honor of being on BOTH the neonazi AND SPLC hitlists.

I'm just slightly annoyed

I'm just slightly annoyed that you chose to make this post about neo-nazis at the DP. The OP had nothing to do with that. I'm also a little offended by your crusade, in which you seem to be keeping a list of who is or isn't one of your self-defined 'neo-nazi'. I'm sure no one here would agree with your criteria - whatever it is.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan


...I poked the neonazis here and yes there are some here.

And, btw, If you actually READ what I wrote above, I did NOT make it about neonazis, people who overreacted to a TINY prod I made in my initial reply did. THEY made it about neonazis. Some became HYSTERICAL about it, in fact. If you actually read what my replies it was about central european etimology of words.

Furthermore, everything I posted above about the etimology of the words in question is 100% factually accurate. Some Germano-phile (who has never BEEN to Germany and doesn't speak German) went NUTS and went off about the superiority of Germans, which was PRECISELY the ignorant hypocracy I was addressing in my TINY prod of neonazis.

As I said above in a reply that got voted down when the neonazis here had a hissyfit, I love Germany. Unlike them, I actually lived, worked and went to school in Germany for several years and speak 100% fluent German. I was pointing out the extreme irony in the PROFOUND ignorance of neonazis.