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favorite halloween movies-which really scared you?

being that it's getting to be Halloween,,, my favorite holiday,,,,

What movies do you always watch around Halloween????

What movies have you found actually scary,,,, maybe that you watched when young and truly affected you.

I was 7-8 when my sister and boyfriend watched Halloween-----Michael myers.
I can remember the scene that scared me to this day,,,, myers is on a stretcher, in an ambulance, being transported and suddenly sit up and rams the guy head into the wall and escapes.

to this day, in my 30's I will still freak myself out,,,, like mowing the lawn in the dark and being by the woods,,,, he comes out the woods behind me and I will be constantly turning around looking behind me as if he's coming..One time I had to actually stop and go inside I scared myself so bad. And I think, "come on it's a movie, he's not real, and your an adult" but it doesn't matter

also--- silence of the lambs--in one scene she sneaks in a garage and finds a head in a jar in an antique car,,,Well my grandpa had this old dingy, no lights, dark,, shed with antique cars,,, a Model A but also a 33 chevy 4 door and I was always scared to go near that car and open the back door. To this day I think that every time i'm near that shed

as to good flicks

Halloween series,
house of a 1000 corspses---love the basement scene and the guy with the axe and spewing green snot and puss


also the creepy song while they're in the coffins

ParaNorman was awesome too for a kids movie,,,the scenery, effects were awesome,,, even cooler was utubes of how they made it,,, blows my mind!!!

Simpsons treehouse of horrors,,,,, did you guys catch this weeks episode??? Although the liberal crap is spewing out of it lately ,,, as I think they know it's almost over and have thrown caution to the wind

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This is probably

my favorite Halloween movie. It's all around well done.


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I remember that,,, petty good,,, especially scenery

the ring

was pretty good too

The dude getting operated on by Dr. Satan is...

the dude that's hosts Talking Dead/Bad, on amc

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YES! House of 1000 Corpses... was thinking of that...

Saw it in theatre when it just came out, and was like... OOOhhhh $$$HHH!!!!TTT ("Who's Your Daddy?")

Just got it on DVD from my buddy's girlfriend... owed me money so gave me the movie...

Also, just watched The Shining last night for the millionth time...
Still scary as hell... Stanley Kubrick is an absolute master... and the movie is really all about Jack selling his soul to Satan, lots of hidden symbolism... I've also heard that Kubrick put hidden symbolism about the Federal Reserve in The Shining... will look for that info and post it...

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?