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"Republic Wireless" Review

OK so I have seen ads for this wireless company for the last couple years but never gave much thought to it until recently. I wanted to change providers and look for some better rates when I remembered the name Republic Wireless. Needless to say with a name like that I was interested. The service is a hybrid that uses WiFi whenever available and when not available uses the Sprint network or any of Sprints roaming partners for both data and voice.
They are able to offer "UNLIMITED" data, voice and text from the savings offset by the WiFi use. $19.00 a month is the current plan price for unlimited everything. In November they are offering the new "Moto X" android that will have plans ranging from $5 $10 and $25 dollars a month that will only work with the new phones. They will allow you to switch between plans anytime during the month through the phone itself and charges are prorated for the days spent on each plan. The $5 dollar plan gives you unlimited text,voice,data through Wifi only, $10 plan gives you the same but adds unlimited cellular voice and text when WiFi isn't available. The $25 plan is unlimited everything Wifi and cellular.
So far I am loving this phone and the service. This is a "No Contract" service paid on a month to month recurring charge to your bank card/account. The phone I have is the Motorola Defy XT, not the newest phone on the market but it is made very well. It's current price is $99.00 the new "Moto X" phone is $299.00 but from what I hear if you buy this phone off contract from anyone else it is $600.00 Motorola also has a $100 refund if you turn in your old Defy XT from any cell provider. They may be giving refunds on other Motorola phones as well.
Bottom line to me is that this company really seems to understand the free-market and is doing their best to offer customers the best product at the best price. If your interested do your own research, there are some reviews of the phones and the service on YouTube and other forums. There is short comings such as with current phones you cannot send and receive picture messages unless you use an app such as snapchat, instagram or others. The reason for this is the technology they are using is newer than the current cell providers, Sprint is upgrading their network and MMS messaging will work with the new Moto X and the Sprint network.

I just thought I would share my Republic Wireless experience with my fellow DPers if you decide to give them a try use my link below and both you and I will get $19.00 off our service. The referral program is another service they offer to all of their customers.

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I have known about RW

for a long time. I signed up a couple of days after the first launch.

I was waiting to see how it actually panned out. And now the plans are really cheap.

And the new pricing plans are really cheap. There are others besides the $19 plan.

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