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Libertarian candidate Sarvis won't be included in final Virginia governor's race debate

'Thursday was the deadline for a decision, and the candidate's showing in recent polls came in just under the level he needed to receive an invitation.

WDBJ7 and Virginia Tech are co-hosting the October 24th debate in Blacksburg. Thursday afternoon the television station announced the event will include the two major party candidates, Republican Ken Cuccinelli and Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

The threshold for participation of the third-party candidate was 10 percent in the major independent polls of the last three weeks. The agreement with the Cuccinelli and McAuliffe campaigns said the decision would rely heavily on an average of major polls tracked by the website www.realclearpolitics.com.

Though Sarvis had polled above 10 percent in some recent surveys, the average came in at 9 percent on Thursday’s deadline.


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He's Not a Liberty Candidate

Sarvis is running under the Libertarian Party, but he's not all that libertarian. He's really an opportunist trying to ride the liberty wave. And I suspect he's being backed by the Democratic opponent Terry McAuliffe. Ron Paul just endorsed the Republican candidate Ken Cucinelli, who is actually a liberty candidate.

Sarvis is nothing but a spoiler in this race.

Cucinelli....a liberty

Cucinelli....a liberty candidate?

The guy led a crusade against oral & anal sex. So no, he's no liberty candidate.

David Earl Williams III for Congress

Logic of the Sheeple

I disagree wholly with your argument that Robert Sarvis is not a Libertarian. Was it his support of gun rights and stance against gun control? Was it his stance to end the drug war in Virginia and legalize marijuana state-wide? Was it his stance to eliminate Virginia's income tax? Or it's business tax? Or it's food tax? Frankly, I'd like to hear your opinion on why Mr. Sarvis in your estimation is an "opportunist." Is he an opportunist because he supported Ron Paul in the 2012 Primary? I guess that means by your logic all of us here are political opportunists just trying to ride the liberty wave. He's being backed by McAuliffe? Why certainly then you must have proof? Is there a money trail between the two campaigns I'm unaware of? Because campaign finance reports show Sarvis as having raised a little over 50,000 dollars. That is nothing in a governor race, so your argument based on no evidence seems to fall apart. Ron Paul endorsed Cooch? No shit. Ron Paul that guy whose son Rand has an interest in being President? You mean to tell me he endorsed a guy in his son's party? Ron Paul is a great man, but he also wants his son to win, and he will do nothing to compromise that. And that meant that Ron Paul was basically forced to either endorse no one, or endorse the crook and establishment hack that is Ken Cuccinelli. He chose to endorse Cooch, who you insist is a "Liberty Candidate." In what world does restricting contraception, restricting gay marriage, eliminating third party voices, fueling the drug war, or believing in the preferential treatment of Christianity above all other religions make someone a liberty candidate. All of those stances go against freedom. They are statist. Robert Sarvis: A spoiler? If we vote for him do we waste our vote? They say the same shit about Romney and McCain too, and I don't buy it. The two-party system is a cartel that must be broken. Robert Sarvis is the true liberty candidate in Virginia. Cooch is a fraud, a crook, and a liar. Voting for someone just because you think they have a better chance to win makes you a sheep. Stop endorsing the ideas of statists everywhere. Don't run off the cliff with the rest of the sheep.

Good I hope he steals all the GOP votes!

Your comments are just BS. What is the Nazi Gop afraid of not letting the Lib candidate debate?

Gee, I wonder how they picked which polls to average

Why do these "journalists" even pretend impartiality.

“With laws shall our land be built up, but with lawlessness laid waste.”
-Njal Thorgeirsson


We gotta help this guy out. This was a pretty big slap in the face to Virginians.