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College sued for stopping Constitution handout. Case will force school to defend 'free speech zone' in court

One of several college students banned from handing out copies of the U.S. Constitution on Constitution Day last month has filed a lawsuit.

A student rights organization backing Robert Van Tuinen says Modesto Junior College in California now will have to defend its idea of “free speech zones” in court.

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This is a great test-case for "free speech zones"

It's a relatively neutral issue, no security claims can be made, time to go for the jugular.

Defend Liberty!

PUBLIC LAW 108–447—DEC. 8, 2004 118 STAT. 2809 108th Congress


The Consolidated Appropriations Bill, which funded a major portion of the federal government was signed into law in 2004.

Sec. 111. (b) Each educational institution that receives Federal funds for a fiscal year shall hold an educational program on the United States Constitution on September 17 of such year for the students served by The educational institution.

The law also provided that the designation of September 17 be changed from Citizenship Day to "Constitution Day and Citizenship Day." In addition, the Congress by Joint Resolution designated September 17 as "Constitution Day" and the week beginning September 17 and ending September 23 of each year as "Constitution Week."

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I'm really getting sick of

I'm really getting sick of the authoritarian retards.

Modesto Junior College is a PUBLIC

CALIFORNIA COMMUNITY COLLEGE located in Modesto, California.


If this is the case

Then I hope the judge throws the book at them. As a publicly funded school they don't have the right to limit speech of any kind

What the college did was

What the college did was unnecessary and definitely tarnishes its image.

But if I remember the older thread (on this topic) from DP, the Modesto Junior College is a private college. A private college has every right to determine how to conduct the affairs inside its premises. The law suit would be summarily dismissed since no harm was caused to the students by the college's private policy. Should churches allow free-speech and accept if people proselytize another religion in its premises.

If it were a public institution, then it would be an entirely different matter.

You are right; if it was a private school they

would not be so stupid about handing out the Constitution on Constitution Day.


MJC appears to be a public community college

belonging to California Community Colleges System.


Sorry :(

Sorry, I thought I had read that the college was private from some link in the older thread at http://www.dailypaul.com/299790/studentt-at-california-junio...

Glad FIRE is on this

I wonder if the ACLU is involved.

I will be following

I will be following this.

Please keep it updated!

A 'free speech zone' should be wherever an American is standing.

Thanks for sharing.

I had a t-shirt printed up saying "Free Speech Zone".