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Need Advice! Starting Gold/Silver Business.

Hello free-marketeers. I am in the early stages of starting a gold/silver brokerage & internet site on Long Island, New York.

Was wondering if anybody is in the business, has any advice, or has any comments whatsoever.

Feel free to post!

(For some background, I plan on selling bullion. No numismatics. Monthly savings plan, but unlike SilverSaver. Two main bodies of business: 1) The brokerage side targeting high net worth individuals for gold/silver wholesale. 2) Silver Coin monthly saving plans where coins are delivered monthly so average income folks can save in different form. *would like to use educational based marketing....)


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My Thoughts

you can't eat gold and you can't drink silver

when the walls come tumbling down people will be using 1 kind of metal the fulfill their needs - HOT LEAD

food ,clothes ,medical supplies ,blankets ,fuel ,ammo

gold and silver can't beat a meal and a dry set of cloths
barter my friends - learn to make something grow something

my thoughts

Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate.
Don't Give me Liberty, I'll get up and get it myself!

Well I'll tell you what

My father's wife and her family were very wealthy in South Vietnam just before the communists took over and they lost nearly everything except for their lives as thankfully they had some gold and they were able to bribe their way out of the country. I am quite certain that merely a meal and a dry set of clothes would not have gotten them out, they would have been dead meat. I am not saying people shouldn't have food, clothes, medical supplies, blankets, fuel, ammo, etc. But why wouldn't you want to have some gold as well? The idea with gold is that is so valuable you can take a mere handful of it and potentially enable your family's escape from some nasty situations in order to start a new life somewhere more stable. It would be much more difficult to travel quickly and easily carrying heavy loads of supplies and would be a lot more conspicuous.