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Showdown: Private Restaurant Refuses Gov't Order To Shut Down

"I'm willing to go to jail for this," Helseth said. "If the Parks Service wants to put me in jail because I want to honor the terms of my contract, well, I suppose they have that right."

He says he can't understand why he should have to close his business -- something he says would hurt his bottom line.

"This is October. This is our busiest month of the year. I need October to make my year," Helseth explained.

He also points out that during the shutdown he was still obligated to pay other expenses for the facility.

"I'm paying for the insurance on this building," he said. "While it's closed I'm paying for the utilities on this building. I'm paying for the security system that is protecting this building and I cannot use this building."

His employees' welfare is also a big concern.

"My staff is not getting any back pay," Helseth continued. "My people aren't getting paid for the days we missed. I need to look out for the welfare of my staff."

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An interesting news report

from Austin, Texas about a local beer brewer who got approved to sell at local stores. He is now awaiting approval of his label from the Feds. Since they are "Shutdown" they will not approve him.

But he CAN be arrested and closed forever if he goes ahead without their approval.

Look, you're just confused

A shutdown doesn't mean a shutdown. It just means all of the "nice things" government "provides" get closed and the gesto ... federal agents get a slew of new reasons to imprison you.

I want all the patriots around there in Virginia

to tell me what's best on the menu.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.


Whoa! I better go directly to review my lease, the two-way contract I hold with a building owner. I can't imagine I might have signed a lease that allows the landlord to give me a three hour notice to vacate, but I've been known to sign some poor contracts [with banks anyway]... Nope! Just read it again. Thank God! My landlord is under contract to give me 60 days notice to vacate for any reason. Works for me: one month to find a new place, another month to move there. Pretty standard [if not minimal]. If my landlord threw me out [or even tried] with three hours notice, I'd have him in court by the end of the week suing him for my losses, slumlord or President.

I can't imagine there's any bizarre fine print in that lease that allows for such a thing. I sure hope the journalist from CBN follows up properly and gets access to reading the Carrot Tree's lease [and posts a copy]. Ownership as such is a bundle of rights. The lease holder has absolute right of occupancy. The party that signed that lease to occupy IS PART OWNER OF THE PROPERTY until the lease is properly terminated. It is absolutely illegal to vacate that lease holder otherwise.

this is all very interesting--

I admire this man--

but I have a feeling that Obama is being 'asked' to destroy the nation ASAP--

this is all very suspicious--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

There was a time when one

There was a time when one Granny with a shotgun kept the "revenooers" off the property. If local cops would be on the side of the Constitution, no government agents would stand a chance...

he makes some very good

he makes some very good points

I'm proud of him

and his act of courage.

great post

people can't put up with it. liberals are in loolooland.