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Roll on Truckers prayers are with you!

Roll on!


Updates on facebook!2 million bikers to DC have updates on there page.


(Updated link truckers for the constitution.)

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The only link I found through facebook sorry.Live chat room.


They are saying do not pay attention to live feed in DC they will switch it to old footage.They are posting pics on facebook just like the 2 million bikers to DC.They are going to meet up with Veterans protest also.If I could I would be handing out "Liberty Defined" Ron Paul book!!!!

front page please

Is there a non-facebook feed I can watch?
Radio broadcast?

Southern Agrarian


Update on facebook trucker page..
Already backed up for miles!!!!!

where can I get the live

where can I get the live overage? One link I tried didn't work as the connections maxed out.




This post on the facebook page caught my eye..This was posted by the organizers..

The following is my reply to Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars. Infowars has chosen to go against this legal protest. Infowars has refused to work with the organizers of this event and are now lowering themselves to propaganda. The trucker protest is on!! Please do not be fooled by information coming out of the Alex Jones camp.

Dear Mr. Watson while we appreciate your interest in our story we would appreciate it even further if you reported correctly. To the reader of this article: The Virginia State Police are working closely with our organization and have assured us that no such orders to the National Guard exist. The protest moves forward. Lt. James De Ford whom we are working very closely with assured ridefortheconstitution.org early this morning that the ride was within the legal rights of the people and the government nor local or state law enforcement have no plans to intervene. The National guard has NOT been called in and I495 and the Beltway will be open to the protesters as planned. Mr. Watson if you want to report on this story please report it correctly. You can reach me directly here: media@ridefortheconstitution.org .. Please print a retraction and contact us for further coverage. Thank you.


Scroll down and it was posted 8 hours ago.