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Do You wanna emigrate to Sweden ?

I dunno..

But we we have a small farm no one use anyway...

3 small houses and a farm house or whatever its called. I love that place. Everything is built by my mothers father and we have used the land since the 1400 at least. The biggest hose of those have all you need, toilet, shower atc.

Do you know how to use the land.. ?

Normally only useless peoeple are allowed here,lol, but I am sure if you have land and I can vouch for you it is ok. The land is mall and my cousins are everywhere. No one lives there anyway and maybe you wanna escape the coming thing...

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If I had the money

I'd consider leaving, since I've lived in nearly every part of the continental U.S. and could use another change of scenery/people...but I don't have a passport and don't want to get one. How does your country feel about border jumpers? ;D

Really though, I think I should stick it out here, if only because of my brother. That and the fact that from what I've heard, the cost of living is extremely high...for obvious reasons.

Still, I'd love to at least visit the country someday.

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Thanks, but I'd rather not jump from this fascist frying pan

and into the communist deep fat fryer you folks have up there.

I'd rather turn off the fire and not be cooked alive.

My fiance is swedish

And I was considering moving to Sweden to be with them

It might not be bad

But Sweden is socialistic and Islam is taking over. The swedes are sweet people though. Very dignified and polite.

Keepin' it real.