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Seriously? National Guard to close I-495

President approves Dept. of Transportation proposal to counter anti-Obama Trucker protest Friday, October 11?


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NOT TRUE FOLKS Truckers Ride For The Constitution Facebook

Truckers Ride For The Constitution
13 hours ago
The following is my reply to Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars. Infowars has chosen to go against this legal protest. Infowars has refused to work with the organizers of this event and are now lowering themselves to propaganda. The trucker protest is on!! Please do not be fooled by information coming out of the Alex Jones camp.
Dear Mr. Watson while we appreciate your interest in our story we would appreciate it even further if you reported correctly. To the reader of this article: The Virginia State Police are working closely with our organization and have assured us that no such orders to the National Guard exist. The protest moves forward. Lt. James De Ford whom we are working very closely with assured ridefortheconstitution.org early this morning that the ride was within the legal rights of the people and the government nor local or state law enforcement have no plans to intervene. The National guard has NOT been called in and I495 and the Beltway will be open to the protesters as planned. Mr. Watson if you want to report on this story please report it correctly. You can reach me directly here: media@ridefortheconstitution.org .. Please print a retraction and contact us for further coverage. Thank you.

Feds Order National Guard to Close I-495 to Derail Trucker Prote

Feds Order National Guard to Close I-495 to Derail Trucker Protest




A Few months ago driving southbound on 95 in North Carolina...

There was a convoy all different kinds of military trucks, nothing really totally unusual, but there were Hum-Vs, with soldiers in full uniform, helmet and everything... Some Hum-Vs were parked along the side of the highway, and soldiers standing outside, some along the roadside, full gear, helmets, rifles, radios on communicating...

WTF? Are they guarding the convoy? Are they surveying the highway? Possible set up/training for road-block &/or FEMA camp?

I hear this OP is was just an 'Onion' type satire, but I wouldn't put it past being reality.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Like I Said Before

Submitted by tuntavern1775 on Tue, 09/10/2013 - 14:35
in Activism & Events

I think about this occasionally.

Now that the big motorcycle (now trucker) rally is in the news, I'm thinking about it again.

A while back, New York City taxicab drivers threatened to strike by using their cabs as a giant picket line of sorts. Their plan was to drive to Newark International Airport and park their cars (thousands) on the approach ramps blocking traffic.

As a former air traffic controller at that same airport, (Read "EXIT 13A - A CONTROL TOWER DIARY, available on Amazon.com.) I knew that their plan was more effective than even they knew.
There were many times during snow events at EWR, when the runways were cleared of snow, the airport was open for business and fully operational, but there was one GIANT problem and it affected air traffic NATIONWIDE, causing gridlock at other airports not snow impacted.

You see, the passengers at EWR could not get to the airport to board the planes. Those flights cancelled, so the aircraft could not leave the gates. incoming flights could not find gate space. Incoming flights from airports all over begin to cancel, causing the same gate space problem at their airports. Very quickly, air traffic is halted, NATIONWIDE, and then, if the problem is not solved soon enough, international traffic to and from the US is halted.

The taxi drivers may not even know it, but they (or some other inclined group) have the ability to stage a tea party type economic action, heretofore unseen. And, they only need to target ONE airport. Imagine if two or three airports were so impacted.

And, keep in mind the logistic nightmare of trying to tow or move thousands of vehicles, cars trucks, motorcycles(and search them for dangerous items)etc. The people staging such an event would literally OWN the nation's airports and the air travel infrastructure for as long as they chose.

I cannot think of a more effective, non-violent, general strike type strategy that could be employed.


“...taxes are not raised to carry on wars, but that wars are raised to carry on taxes”
Thomas Paine, Rights of Man

I seriously doubt this...

I seriously doubt this. I lived in Maryland for 30 years and if you have not lived there you do not know the size of the 495 beltway, it is 64 miles in circumference and surrounds DC. If you shut it down you lock up DC, Virginia and Maryland. Most congress people do not live in DC and need the beltway to get home. You can not imagine how many people would be really pissed at the Government. If the government did shut it down how would that be any different than what the truckers want to do? The only difference is that Obama would get the blame. Nothing positive can be gained by the government. The truckers can just park their trucks outside the beltway in Maryland and Virginia and wait them out. They have their house on wheels. Or they can take their trucks under the beltway at every exit all the way around. All exits lead to DC and that is where they would go if they are blocked out. This is going to be very interesting. I am glad I don't live there anymore.


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Postings at Redstate indicate this article was originally intended to be a piece of satire. It was written by "Glenn Ryt" in a user diary. Some people at Redstate, including Erickson, are unhappy with this story because it isn't made clear enough that it indeed is satire.

The Communist-In-Chief is not shutting down I-495.

It is very sad to realize that something this radical and dictatorial is so very believable to so many people. These are very troubling times.

The Communist-in-Chief has proven himself...

to be a very BAD chess player, so nothing will surprise me.

Remember the school shooting, when he thought the time was right to quickly push through legislation to do away with the 2nd amendment. Guns and ammo shot up over 30%.

Then he attacked the NRA, promising to fight them all the way, only to have new NRA memberships skyrocket.

Then there was his attack on Matt Drudge and the Drudge Report, as being a hindrance to his policies. All he did was bring National attention to an alternative news source. As a result the Drudge Report is more popular than ever, with almost a Billion hits a month.

Now he's attacking and arresting veterans at their 'Memorials'. Detaining Americans and foreigners for taking pictures in national parks. Shutting down businesses that the government does not fund. The list goes on and on and on and on.

Conclusion: Obama may THINK he clever, but in actuality he's a pretty stupid, stupid guy, and most definitely one of the worse Political Chess Players I've ever seen in my 62 years.

His days are numbered!

Simple, arrive with your own armed escort, blow the barricades,

and be sure to be hauling tankers full of highly volatile chemicals if possible, let them know it and DARE them to blow you off the road.

Screw these clowns.

WE own those roads.



Look at posts.Direct link also to facebook page.

Civil Insurrection Revolution, Start Your Engines

Closing down I-495 is a declaration of war on the American people.

It figures

The story about the truckers is all over the web that one would expect some problems by this admin dictator. There are so many pro liberty marches happening back to back. I wonder if they'll all get in this weekend.

Keepin' it real.

We're in for a very

We're in for a very interesting weekend.

How can they use the "National Guard," to enforce this, if true?

I thought the District of Criminals was not technically part of the United States?

If National Guard troops are used, they better STAND DOWN or else they're going to get ran over by a MACK truck.

The vets aren't going to cower and turn away just because a bunch of rookies without a constitutional clue stand in their way.

Maximum Overdrive....

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Yep, STAND DOWN is the only peaceful solution here.

Refuse ILLEGAL orders.