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EXCLUSIVE: Texas Land Commissioner Backs Armed March On Alamo (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE: Texas Land Commissioner Backs Armed March On Alamo (VIDEO)


Infowars reporter Jakari Jackson interviews Texas Land Commissioner, Jerry Patterson, about his candidacy in the upcoming election for Lieutenant Governor in 2014.

Patterson is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and even authored the Texas Concealed Handgun Law in 1995.

He describes the position of Lt. Gov. as being the most powerful position in Texas government, but says he’s not running to seek power, but is more concerned about the direction that Texas is going.

“Frankly, I think we are on the cusp of going the wrong direction in Texas. We need somebody that’s not afraid, somebody who is straight. And I mean straight in the sense that I tell you what I think and somebody who has specific things that he or she wishes to accomplish.”


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more info on that upcoming

Open carry protest; here are AJ and Stewart Rhodes discussing it:

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

I am going to

enjoy voting for that guy

Careful, he is neo-conish.

Careful, he is neo-conish. Gun rights are his only claim to fame.

Southern Agrarian