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Commentary: Boehner, Tea Party Republicans Must Stay the Course

COMMENTARY | I live in Butler County, in the 8th congressional district of Ohio, represented by Speaker Boehner. While I am not registered as a Republican, I have typically voted for Republicans.

At no time in my life would I expect the type of shenanigans going on in Washington to be going on in Washington.

Let me say that I don't agree the Affordable Care Act will do anything positive for health care costs or health insurance costs in this country. I don't believe we should approve having the government repeatedly raise the amount of debt the country carries just because they've already overspent. I believe we need a balanced budget. I don't believe the government shutdown is good for anyone.

Negotiating and figuring out what is the best for the majority is what governing is about. Refusing to negotiate until you get everything you want is not what the citizens of the United States expect from their leaders. The trick now is to figure out who is actually creating the problem and make better decisions at the next election so we get more balance in the Senate and House of Representatives. We can't wait until 2016 for the White House to change.


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"Negotiating and figuring out what is the best for the majority is what governing is about"

Disagreement with OP: IMO the function of government is to distill conscience concerning ethical principle and individual choice; accordingly, insurance mandates and imposed insolvency have no place in a civil society

As an observation from

As an observation from someone who lives in Canada, (a socialist country by decree) where the heavy hand of gov't has/is coming down regarding our dismal health care system in Ontario.(among other things)it is with great interest that I'm following the actions of some very brave people trying to preserve your constitution and your valuable civil rights. I truly believe that the Republicans need to hold their position. There is NO ALTERNATIVE but destruction of America otherwise. I hope that Boehner and his cronies do not sacrifice the house of the people for the sake of Compromise. It serves no purpose. Extending the debt ceiling for any period of time is folly to anyone with a thinking brain. Boehner and Obama, Reid and Pelosi all need to go away. (Sorry for the rant)