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Egypt "Obama keep your aid"

* Anti-American sentiment deepens
* Egypt could look to Russia for arms
* Saudi and Israeli frustration

By Yasmine Saleh and Asma Alsharif

CAIRO, Oct 11 (Reuters) - A U.S. decision to curtail military and economic aid to Egypt to promote democracy may ultimately backfire, pushing Cairo to seek assistance elsewhere and giving Washington less leverage to stabilise a country in the heart of the Middle East.

Washington faces a dilemma in dealing with its major regional ally: Egypt controls the Suez Canal and has a peace treaty with neighbouring Israel but its army overthrew the first freely elected president, Islamist Mohamed Mursi, in July.

The United States said on Wednesday it would withhold deliveries of tanks, fighter aircraft, helicopters and missiles to Cairo as well as $260 million in cash aid to push the army-backed government to steer the nation towards democracy.


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The So Called Military takeover was actually a IzUnReal Takeover

So sure the zio-roth-counterfteit debters are perfectly happy to keep funding a puppet general in Egypt.


Egypt continues to be zio occupied teritory. Egypt zio puppet continue to recieve the zionist funding.