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Survival Tips for the Zombie Apocalypse (Spear Throwing video)


If you enjoy the survival tips, feel free to comment, like, and subscribe. If I see some positive feedback, I'll craft some more fun and educational videos... I think the next one will focus on natural medicine/home remedies when no physician is available...

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there are tons of survival

there are tons of survival videos on the interwebz... so i tried to focus on something different. the zombie apocalypse can be taken literally or as a metaphor for societal collapse... and being able to use silent weapons will be a much needed skill.


This is lame.


I would start with the basics in primitive survival techniques.

For instance, I would focus on water distilling and shelters. Those two alone require a lot of information. For instance arid environments, the technique for water collection can't be used.

I also wouldn't worry about zombies unless you mean "zombies" as code for large mass of unprepared Americans caught with their pants down in a societal/financial breakdown and after your goods for their own survival.