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In U.S., Perceived Need for Third Party Reaches New High

Twenty-six percent believe Democratic and Republican parties do adequate job

by Jeffrey M. Jones | October 11, 2013 | Gallup

This article is part of an ongoing series analyzing how the government shutdown and the debate over raising the debt ceiling are affecting Americans' views of government, government leaders, political parties, the economy, and the country in general.

PRINCETON, NJ -- Amid the government shutdown, 60% of Americans say the Democratic and Republicans parties do such a poor job of representing the American people that a third major party is needed. That is the highest Gallup has measured in the 10-year history of this question. A new low of 26% believe the two major parties adequately represent Americans.

(See graph below)

Read more: http://www.gallup.com/poll/165392/perceived-need-third-party...

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self govern (self ownership)


Albert Camus — 'The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.'


Democrats in this particular area are not happy with democrats because democrat representatives do not go far enough LEFT.

Do not perceive this to mean that they are turning libertarian or conservative.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

"The People Are Sick And Tired Of What Their Getting" ~ Ron Paul

I remember the quote the good doctor made during his first republican run in 07'


I really wished sometimes

I really wished sometimes that everybody had a completely unique and completely ANNONYMOUS(completely and utterly veriviable) identification so that we could get accurate TOTAL numbers instead of relying on the polls accuracy or those that take them

I have to wonder if the polls are only accurate

at times when there are no federal offices up for grabs?

I've witnessed such incredible vote tally shenanigans, that I'm convinced only some cosmic event will break the clutches of the globalists on humanity.

They Mayan's never said it would be 2012, to quote their spokesman
"it could be 2012, 2015 or later on, we are lost to the true date"
-Don Alejandro 2003


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Or so they say

Polls consistently say Americans want an alternative but still chicken out at the last minute because they don't want the other guy to win. Heck, how many here wimped out last cycle and voted for *Romney*!

Maybe it will be different but I doubt. Until we can get behind another party why do we expect the masses to do so. As Kodos in the Simpsons pointed out. "what are you going to do? It's a two party system".


lol, nope

Gary Johnson.

Republicans are cheaters and deserved to lose.

Me too

I still can't believe the mental gymnastics a lot of the DPers did to rationalize supporting the GOP and Romney despite their treatment of Ron. This is particularly egregious when someone like Johnson was an alternative. In establishing a third party you need more than 1% to be credible. If the Liberty movement had gotten behind Johnson after it became obvious (about June) that there was no way Ron was getting the nomination GJ could have done 5-10%. No way TPTB could have blown it off as irrelevant. But keep supporting the republicans if that floats your boat.


Michael Nystrom's picture

Countdown to a Meltdown

E - thanks for posting. It reminds me of this article, which I haven't read in years, but it had a big impact on me the first time. It is long. It is a 'memo' to the president in 2016, the first third party candidate to win a presidential election since... Lincoln, if I recall:



He's the man.

Mr. Fallows was pathetically wrong.

That article was less than garbage.

Does anyone here really think a third party will fix anything?

It's not the parties. It's the system itself.

I do

The current model/'system' of governance is guided philosophically by the prerogative of limited representation through elected officials. The language of your statement further implies that the system has autonomic conscience outside of sentient individuals, which I believe is false.

Conversely I've been advocating that individuals should be able to represent themselves civicly through a volitionally municipal Registry and public Trusts for amenities, while similarly reserving the right to withdraw from abuse (inc. all taxation).

It is one reason also why I started a new Party and am hearing agreement when publicly canvassing etc


other than facebook?

do you have a website up and running other than facebook? I like your premise a lot.


and maybe in the future but for now with modest resources, it ably serves the purpose of publication.

Thanks for your encouragement though and if circumstances change, I can post a notice : )

Time for a NWO Party

The Party for Global Government needs to be created. A party that embraces the UN and UN Agenda, openly calls to end the US Constitution and giving global corporations complete control of human existance. A Party that stands for democracy not a republic.

After the initial shock,

I actually agree with you. Load the NWO Party up with all the corporate cronies with super PACs and have a super-big government, anti-constitution, non-sovereignty, non-civil liberties platform, straight up, out in the open. Last time I checked, corporations can contribute to campaigns but they still cannot cast a vote for a candidate. Hey, even invite them to debate.

If people would shake the haze off long enough to check campaign contributions to these candidates they are voting for, and only vote for candidates who refuse donations from corporate cronies, those people might just elect a "representative". But I think that's too much to ask of the average zombie voter that believes he is "informed" because he gets his marching orders from Fox or CNN.


wouldn't it be refreshing to see have a real party with a real obvious agenda standing for truth, even if it's not what one wants.. at least there it would be, to vote against.

Granger, Surely You Gest...



((((((((((((((((((((((((((((THE GRANGER))))))))))))))))))))))))))


I just want it to be real :D ((((((((emalvini))))))))))!!