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Felony Friday: Sports Agent Indicted For Allegedly Providing Perks To College Athletes

It is surprising how individuals that are supposedly pro market and appear to exemplify virtuous morals can favor banning eighteen to twenty-one year old men from obtaining a job at the highest level of their trade. This is the stance that so many blindly defend while supporting NCAA bylaws, NFL rules, and State laws, which prevent football players from entering the NFL unless they have been out of high school for three years.

We constantly see stories of football players getting caught taking money from coaches, boosters, and sports agents. The punishments the NCAA has issued have come under fire as critics have claimed they do not adequately punish offenders, thus failing to deter future athletes from breaking the rules.

The State has increased their involvement by bringing down the heavy hand of the law, where many feel the NCAA has failed.

This brings us to the recent felony charges brought against Terry Watson, a Georgia based sports agent. Watson was charged this past week with 13 counts of providing cash or accommodations to three former University of North Carolina football players and one charge of obstruction of justice.

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It's acceptable to use violence on someone for the non-crime of giving someone money.

And people say we don't live in a police state...

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

He'll probably get a harsher sentence

than a murder.


didnt realize it was a felony to give a man money plane tickets and pay for his hotel room.


when you put it that way it sounds even more ridiculous!