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New Scholar Suggests Jesus Was Only a Means of Political Control

This has been discussed before, but this guy is making headlines all over the place. He claims that Josephus' writings actually prove that Jesus' life story was fabricated. This is interesting because most Christian historians use Josephus' writings as credible historic evidence that Jesus did live as we all think he did. If Josephus is debunked there isn't a whole lot more the Christian apologists can use.


Its well known that the story of Jesus was told many years before his supposed existence all over the world. There are many similarities to astro-theology and many religion's theology. Is this stuff finally going mainstream?

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I see...

...the previous similarities in other cultures' myths more as shadows and foretellings that would culminate in Myth become Reality, in a historical Person. The pagan 'corn king' multiplied the harvest -- here in the flesh was The Corn King, Lord of the Harvest, who multiplied the fish and loaves. Here was the real Bacchus, who turned water into wine. Here was the real dying God-Man; the real 'Hesus' of the Druids. Shadows and resonant myths, finding their fulfillment.

If I were the Devil

PLEASE wake up folks.....


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They say that about the Tao Te Ching also

They say that about the Tao Te Ching also (that it was just a means of control).

Why worry about what other people say?

Do what works for you. Create your own culture

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts

Christianity has clearly been for political control, repression

Throughout history, Christianity has clearly been a tool for political control and social repression.

And Joseph Atwill is not the first to make the case that the entire Jesus story is a fabrication. The Zeitgeist Movie (Peter Joseph), and "The God Who Wasn't There" movie are other examples that have made the case that Jesus was a fabricated figure, and not an actual historical person of any kind.

Not unlike other pagan religions, the Jesus story was an anthropomorphic device that was based upon an anthropomorphic representation of the sun movements and constellations (12 disciples, age of pisces, the sun dying during winter solstice, the sun rising three days after winter solstice, the celebration during the spring equinox, etc.).

And it was The Roman Empire, with all of its diverse conqueured territories (including Judea), that needed a means to suppress rebellion and control its people. So they created a State Religion based on combining attributes from various sun gods in an anthropomorphized narrative - to keep the peasants passive and more easily submit to authority and "god's will" (whatever that was).

Then they shoved this religion down everyone's throats (note that the "rightwingers" in our own Empire have been trying to do the exactly same thing -- and have largely succeeded here).

The Gospels were written not by "Jews", but written decades after Jesus in the language of Greek. Nothing was ever written by the Jesus subject himself, words are simply attributed to him by others long after the fact (or more precisely, the invented life of "jesus" is back dated to a time before the actual writing). Through the Roman Empire, these writings were edited and crafted for peasant consumption with specific psychological goals in mind, and spread throughout the World by the conquering Roman Empire.

Anyone with an objective mind, who can see through their own brainwashing, can recognize the clear absurdity of the greatest story ever sold (angels, devils, virgin birth, cartoon-like miracles, being alive after murder, etc.)

After the Roman Empire, Christianity was further spread by The British Empire, and the Spanish Empire as well. Through these three Empires it was spread literally everywhere. So the whole existence of this religion did not come about by some type of grassroots spiritual movement. It is, and always was, a device of Warring Empires searching to control its peasant population.

Another way of saying it, is that is was the propaganda device of its time........unfortunately that propaganda has endured throughout time.

And much is invested in keeping the propaganda going. The establishment constantly forces religion and Military worship down our throats ... to the point where even recreational sports events must stop and pause for "God Bless America" recitals. It took commedian George Carlin to expose the absurdity of establishment religion in a way that the common man (non-academics) can understand and follow.....

Enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPOfurmrjxo

And for the Fourth time now.

Since you seem incapable of scrolling down and reading comments before proving how wrong you are.

1. The hypothesis states that Josephus in collaboration with Rome after the Roman war 66-73 AD. created the Gospels and Jesus as a way to subdue and make everyone follow Rome.

2. The existence of Jesus, his Church, or anyone talking about the Church and Gospels before the conspiracy dates 66-73 would nullify the hypothesis.

3. St Paul, his New Testament writings, and the Church already existed 20 years before the Fall of The Jewish Temple and the Roman war.

4. Therefor we conclude the hypothesis that Rome and Josephus created Jesus and the Gospels is Null and void.

I wouldn't believe anything "St. Paul" said...

I wouldn't believe anything "St. Paul" said, because at best it is all 2nd-hand hearsay.

This was a time when there were many supposed Mesiahs, and various people attributed to that description. But this was allegorical in nature and cannot be tracked very well. And there is no Jesus person in the actual history books.

And the actual writings of Paul don't even go into all the details that the alleged 4 Gospels do -- therefore Paul is not the source of those writings.

The Jesus story with most of the various details that we know about came through Rome and through the effort to establish a State Religion. The Establishment always creates our Institutions. And it was the Establishment (Empire) that wants you to believe in all this stuff.

There isn't even that much about Jesus that is unique. The Joseph, Moses, stories follow similar patterns. And the mythology of the Sun Gods is the basic template that correlates to the Jesus story (which is an anthropomorphic narrative).

The sun goes up, and the sun goes down.
Not the "son" .... the real Sun (and it is a miracle)

That's the reality.

Read slowly

Read this slowly and use your Brain. The hypothesis states The Flavian Roman Emperors and Josephus created Jesus and the Gospels after the Jewish wars in the 60's and 70's.

St Paul and his letters to the Church of Corinth are dated by all New Testament scholars to be between the years 50-57. Therefor we conclude Jesus cannot be invented as a fake, made up person by the Flavians and Josephus in the 60' and 70's because there was already a Church in his name and writings about him in the years 50-57. This is why the documentary and the " scholar " who came up with this thesis does not, and cannot, mention Paul.

Scholar finds state is corrupt and corrupts, simply brilliant!

What would be incredible?

If a scholar or journalist discovers one government official who could prove innocence.

If they suspected such a one, a blackout would be imposed.

The state is about trickery and deception, it will seek to manipulate the religious sensibilities of good men for selfish purposes.

Morality is being who you really want to be, the long search for autonomy.

Ethics is leaving all free to choose autonomy.

One abandons childish selfishness and chooses something rather than fall for anything.

Understanding, self-reliance and caring have long been sought by by men to enhance their autonomy.

One can abandon a state that institutionalizes selfishness and the corruptions it fosters.

Free includes debt-free!


Teaching Evolution in monolpoly indoctrination camps is a means of government control .. So teaching the Bible in Private non-governmental schools is Political Control .. you point seems ridiculous

Why did you put this post in 'religion' when it's anti-religion?

And if this is how you 'dispense luv', you have a lot to learn and a long, lonely road ahead of you.
May God have mercy on your soul.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

It is a discussion of

It is a discussion of religion, where else would you post it?

Also, why does it always have to be a positive discussion when clearly there is a lot of debate on the topic.

"Lighthouses are more useful than churches."- Ben Franklin
"Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprise."- James Madison

Covert Messiah, or "James Bond Meets the DaVinci Code"

Covert Messiah, or "James Bond Meets the DaVinci Code"? Yeah. I was waiting for the moment when two pillars of our pop culture finally tipped over and met -- burying us in the rubble of pseudo-history and dead culture.

This "scholar" insists he is correct, convinced his story is the truth, absolutely certain he is right. That's important when selling books. It'd be no good for him to make a claim and then say he doesn't believe it.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Given that we have first hand

Given that we have first hand experience living in a late term Empire, would anyone concede disinfo and government hi-jacking of the truth?

This very morning on the business channels they're talking about "conservatives" being anti-democratic, anti-majority rule, and holding the country hostage because a few of their constituents don't want unlimited debt.

Fact of the matter is,

there were two Jesus' the real jewish one with a message for ONLY the jews and the pagan one created by Paul for the gentile world. The latter was used by the Romans to consolidate their paganistic religions into one and also used by the Jews to point to jesus as being nothing more than a heretic.

There were 12 Apostles.

Paul, replaces Judas Iscariot and went to Asia Minor. Peter went to Rome, Thomas went to India, Mathew to the northern shores of the Caspian, and John to the Island of Patmos is half.

Traditions of a dozen peoples the world over speak of a man that asked to be remembered for proving to be a man without guilt.

It was the imperial Roman state could be counted on to execute innocent men just to maintain control.

Free includes debt-free!

Covert Messiah Debunked:

Is that why they killed him? And anyone who followed him?

Ya, they did a bang up job with that "political control". It was more like "political out of control".

And I've heard the theological

argument that the Messiah came as the Pax Romana was settling in so that missionaries could travel a great distance on the Roman roads and be accepted across national lines as well as can be expected.

The political control was at its apex and as stable as any large empire has ever been in history just before Jesus showed up. If we were going to see this tactic, we would have seen it before or after the Pax Romana, not during it.

Defend Liberty!

Gary Habermas, Frank Morison, and others present far more ....

evidence on their sites for the veracity of the Gospel stories then the owners of this site can present for their 'legend'.

www.josh.org (This is Josh McDowell's site, the writer of Evidence that Demands a Verdict and More Evidence That Demands a Verdict

www.gospeltruth.net/whomovedthestone.htm (Frank Morrison's information)


"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15


Well, George Washington was a terrorist and Obama is the Messiah...
Sheesh - some people will believe anything they're told.


There is one indicator that speaks to the significance of Jesus and Christianity as a whole... TPTB are scared to death of it which is why we keep seeing threads like this.

It won't work. Jesus saves and those touched by Him cannot be told otherwise.

"TPTB" ARE Christians...why

"TPTB" ARE Christians...why would they be "scared"? That's just more self-affirming nonsense.

They are?

This should be a top post as I had no idea tptb were Christian. Tell me about it.. what links have you got?

I still have to pledge allegiance

One nation under God...

In God we trust..


More BS form Christian Hating Idiots

Really .. TPTB are Luciferians .. Why do they want digital money were you can only buy and sell with the mark .. Yeah that is what Christians want DUmbAZZ

Then you realize

The bible another tool for control. It has been since day one.


There is NO God or what do u believe in Aliens??

Mighty "Christian" of you.

Mighty "Christian" of you.


U r a complete A-HAT so like i care