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Got Universal Income-'care'? Swiss Socialists collect 100,000 Signatures to Put to Vote a Proposal to pay $2800/month for ALL!

Yes Switzerland, go follow Commufornia's lead into a national bankruptcy. Well, now at least they won't have to worry about the French horde: Switzerland would be too broke to be an incentive for an invasion!

Socialism on Steroids: Switzerland Mulls $2,800 Monthly Government Check for All Citizens

Josh Eidelson
October 11, 2013

By gathering over 100,000 signatures – which they delivered last Friday along with 8 million 5-cent coins representing the country’s population – activists have secured a vote by Switzerland’s parliament on an audacious proposal: providing a basic monthly income of about $2,800 U.S. dollars to each adult in the country. (A date for the vote hasn’t yet been set.) Such basic income proposals, which have drawn increased attention since the 2008 financial crash, offer a night-and-day contrast to the current U.S. debate over what to cut and by how much.

Salon called up John Schmitt, a senior economist at the progressive Center for Economic and Policy Research, to discuss the economics and politics of having the government send everyone in the country a monthly check.

What is a universal basic income, and why are we hearing more about it now?

The proposals that are floating around the world vary a lot. But the basic idea is, no matter what you do, if you’re a resident — or in some cases, a citizen — you get a certain amount of money each month. And it’s completely unconditional: If you’re rich you get it, if you’re poor you get. If you’re a good person you get it, if you’re a bad person you get it. And it does not depend on you doing anything other than making whatever effort is involved to collect the money. It’s been a topic of discussion for several decades. Why is it happening right now? I think it’s obvious that it’s a reaction to the high level of economic inequality that we’ve seen. Most European countries haven’t had big increases in inequality at the same scale that we [in the U.S.] have, [but] some of them have had much more than they’re used to.

This article was posted: Friday, October 11, 2013 at 12:21 pm

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Believe it or not

something similar has been proposed right here in the good ole U.S.A.

As part of the "Fair Tax" proposal everyone in the country would receive a government check monthly to pay for "necessities". To the tune of about $220 per month per adult.