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The Great 401(k) H()ax: Why Your Family's Financial Security Is At Risk & What You Can Do About It by Wm Wolman, Anne Colamosca

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Have you read it?

From the reviews it sounds awful. A recurring theme in the reviews is that it's very anti-free market, e.g., "The main theme of the book is that government has to be in charge of workers pension since nobody else will guard their interests."

Quote from page 240 of the 2003 edition: "We believe in the need for a government-guaranteed system in which all workers--including part-time workers, temps and freelance workers--are covered. Workers would have a percentage of their pay deducted ... the result would be pension plans with the ultimate sunlight shining in, as it does on Social Security accounts."

A long long time ago...

As I recall it does a good job of explaining how the Bush administration collaborated with the banks to help sell 401ks. The authors do draw some erroneous conclusions but if we overlook those there is some good info in there.

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