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Truckers Spokesperson demands Obama's resignation or impeachment

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Why do it on the weekend? Do it from Tuesday through Friday, It's a 4 day weekend in capitol, bureaucrats are not there anyways! Quit being a flock of sheep, no legit insurrection asks permission from the government to protest. Posers

Dipping their toes to make sure that it was o'k with the cops, losers.
Didn't even make the news.

Why are they not demanding that we build a Death Star?

Armchair quarter back

Why aren't you there? Easy to talk others down even though you are doing nothing!

Formerly rprevolutionist

Hang on

Your whole beef with me is over me not driving in circles around the facility that is closed for a holiday, and calling the others idiots for doing it?

And the only reason they are doing it in the first place is because they don't like the present master, they want a master that would prohibit other things, not the things this one prohibits, a much nicer master the one that understands THEIR needs and worries.

Sir, get back to me when your IQ reaches above the room temperature.

I hope more truckers show up

Because, so far, this has been a bust. The rain here is causing more traffic than the few trucks on the road.

Guerilla Media Link- Live

Guerilla Media Link- Live Radio Coverage and Interviews
Submitted by LittleWing on Fri, 10/11/2013 - 22:52. Permalink

Posted this link on here this morning but its buried way below. Ride for the Constitution Radio: http://ridefortheconstitution.org/

I just listened for a few minutes. It was explained that today they converged onto the beltway at different points, in groups of 12-20 to test the waters since there was a rumor of National Guard presence, possible arrests and rumors of roads being closed to deter the protest.

It was said tomorrow they are bringing on all they got and it will be big! Many more are arriving from across the country. They were stopped today several times and given warnings that they need to go at least 40mph and cannot block all lanes at once.

These truckers are taking their time and money to do this and giving up paying loads for 3 days or more to make this protest happen. There has been a lot of dis-info leading up to this weekend trying to deter this from happening. I give them a lot of credit and thanks for doing what they can and hope everyone remains safe.
DC Traffic Cams: http://www.trafficland.com/city/WAS/

This is just one of the first

This is just one of the first mass protest events. We'll eventually shut down the entire country many times costing large hits to the GDP. Then they will cave.


They got the RT bump! lol

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