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I'm a Machinist Not a Heart Surgeon Jim, But I still Know the Price is the Problem Stupid

It's the price of hospital and medical products stupid.

I want the price of hospital and medical products more affordable. I want the mechanism that caused the prices to go so high understood.

I paid $50,000 for my first tiny little piece of metal heart stent, something I would have been paid $5 to make as a machinist, two years ago with a two day hospital stay. I got lousy followup care even though I was paying for it. I know nothing about medical conditions. I'm a Machinist, not a Heart Surgeon.

I paid for health insurance my whole life. My wages went down and my insurance contribution from my paycheck went up every year for 30 years. I didn't use healthcare much during my first 50 years but still paid for it. The medical industrial complex got plenty of money out of me my whole life with not much in return, except for my first $50,000 tiny piece of metal that took 1 hour to install.

I'm now in my 50's and have a heart condition with no job and no insurance. I showed up in the emergency room in October for my second heart attack. Guess what, I got a second tinny little piece of metal stent installed and was sent on my way after a two day stay. I still have heart problems. For 50 grand you think they could have fixed it the first time. By age 50, carrier machinists are pretty much worn out from all the lifting and chemical cutting fluid soups.

Now I got a $55,000+ hospital bill. Guess who's gonna pay for it? Not me, but I guess you could say I already paid for it my whole life. I have zero liquid assets except for my paid off home in Florida. Good luck trying to take my home from me in Florida to pay the Hospital bill. After all medical bills are tallied and the collectors are beating down my door, I'll probably just file for bankruptcy.

We need to work on the artificially high price of hospital bills. Here's a good place to start;

Welch Introduces Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Bill

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The government set me up for

The government set me up for failure my whole life, by putting the mechanisms in place for that failure.

They should create an exchange within the exchange

What determines the price of a scale is not just its equipment or accuracy.. but also the insurance the manufacturer has to carry in case something goes wrong. That's why medical devices are more expensive... you're also paying for the liability of somebody being misdiagnosed by a technical malfunction. Highly unlikely, but the money that has to be paid when that happens and gets proven is huge.

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Long be dead the medical

Long be dead the medical industrial complex precipitated by Obamacare.

The criminally insane Marxist

The criminally insane Marxist retards stroke your emotions to keep you in their fan club while at the same time fcuk you up the ass.