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NFL Week 6 - Sunday, October 13, 2013: Open Thread

This week I'm watching two games:

- Saints at Patriots.
- Redskins at Cowboys.

Saints at Patriots - What kind of a team is this Patriots team? Is it a fighter, or a lay-down-and-dier? This is a big game for the Pats. We don't know much about this team. It is only Week 6 and practically the whole offense is new. The defense is looking good. But the team is just plagued - plagued and riddled with injuries. Can it rally? Or is it a wasted year for Brady, who's clock is ticking? (Maybe he can go to the Broncos after Manning)

Redskins at Cowboys -Remember my friend who just quit his job? He's a huge Cowboys fan. Since he was in grade school. It is almost pathological.

Anyway, after he quit his job, he took a trip to the West Coast and had a blast! Then he returned to reality and realized he needed to find a job. He's having an interesting adventure. I am there for moral support and to hear firsthand, tales of his adventures. He's a poet with his words.

He has a love-hate relationship with the Cowboys. It is truly a drama, and it is amusing. I enjoy spending time with him, so I watch a lot of Cowboys games with him.

And of course I have a great interest in RGIII. That will be an interesting game.

- - - -

Additionally I'll be keeping my eye on Seattle. Always Seattle. That's my hometown. You never forget your home town.

And of course Denver. SF, I have some interest in. Indianapolis as well. Of course Green Bay. And that is about it.

Who are you watching, and why?

- - - - -

(btw, I fully understand, and expect to get downvoted to hell on this thread. I don't care. I'm going to make it a weekly feature. :Q)

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I'm a Packer fan

and can't stand Seattle. Last year the Packers got ripped off by one of the worst calls in history by the refs. And the Seattle coach and Golden Tate never admitted it was a bad call. I lost so much respect for that organization. If the coach or the WR would have just admitted it and said oh well we won with a bad call. I would have accepted that but instead they acted like a bunch of cowards laying down to the elite refs! Yup, the refs in the NFL are like the Government.

Coach Lombardi is having his vengeance this year.

count it.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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Yo man, everyone knows that

Yo man, everyone knows that was bad call. There were also bad calls against Seattle in that game, just not right at the end when it counted the most. Remember, if it wasnt for that bad call the ref strike would have continued and more crazy stuff would have happened. Green Bay took one for the entire NFL, deal with it.


but I met Seattle fans still claiming Tate caught that ball. Also isn't every Touch Down reviewed up top? Replacement refs weren't up stairs. Plus the refs they have in now are just a little better. That game hurt the Packers. If they would have won that game, they could have had home field advantage against the 49ers. But what ever man. Its just football. But I been rooting against Seattle since then and they haven't been losing often lol.

Actually they are quite good.

Deal with it? I have a hard time with rules and regulations. NFL is filled with it and it annoys me but yet again I still watch.

Seattle is still bitter about

Seattle is still bitter about the Super Bowl. We got screwed, and every time there is call that goes our way when it shouldnt its some kind of weird cosmic justification

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Seattle got a raw deal in that Superbowl

The Theft.

That's what me and my friends call it.

He's the man.


Seattle is so championship deprived. Our last and only championship was with a team that doesn't even exist anymore. And we still have the best fans you could ask for.

Its like

that to most fans and their teams, but punishing the team that had nothing to do with it doesn't consider justification to me, but oh well lol.

What, no Steeler Fans?

I enjoyed watching the Steelers own the 4th quarter against the Jets.

Steelers snapped the Jets winning streak and their own losing streak all in one game.


suck lol

The NFL was formed in 1920 as

The NFL was formed in 1920 as a form of, "entertainment," for illegal gambling.

The NFL is legally classified as, "entertainment," not a sport.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I made it, by some miracle of

I made it, by some miracle of nature, to the 2:56 mark of your "Is the NFL fixed?" conspiracy video, then quit.


Cuz this:

And frankly, I could have quit before then. That just happened to be the most blatant BS, and the easiest part of the video (to that point) to objectively - factually - pictorially - debunk.

If not equally and unequivocally false, the rest of the video is at least completely hyperbolic, both in its essence and in its assertions, puffing up correlation as causation for the less discerning viewer to stew over.

That's not to say there hasn't been corruption or meddling in the NFL of one kind or another, at one point in time or another; one need only look to the NBA referee scandal for evidence of the possibility of such shenanigans in professional sports.

I merely mean to mock the quality of that specific POS video. It's garbage, through and through.


How 'bout them


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to the Pats

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and to the Sox too.

He's the man.
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Great game

Brady is sooo good! Fun to watch a great performance under pressure! I feel bad for Brees tho...

Haven't really watched or

Haven't really watched or enjoyed football since John Elway left the sport.

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Unbelievable finish for the Pats.


He's the man.

Why are people talking about this drivel on Daily Paul ...

... and how did it make it to the front page??????

The sports entertainment complex is no different than the celebrity gossip sphere and all the other consumerist distractions out there.

We come to DailyPaul to get news and information that we can't get from the mainstream and to talk about important things that really matter .... and then this shows up on the front page. WTF?? At first I thought it was a joke. Guess the joke's on me.

The joke is on you

if you don't have any vices.

Panem et Circenses


"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"- Homer Simpson

Well, that was my first thought, but

when the issue has come up before over one topic or another, "What's this doing here?" I've been among defenders. Our commonality, i.e., Ron Paul & ideals that relate to liberty, has created a community here - one that, thanks to Michael Nystrom, the site designer, the mods, and the contributors does *have* a sense of community. No doubt it's part of the site's success.

I'm touched when people are going through some life circumstance and bring it here - things that are just part of the human experience: milestones, challenges, wanting to get feedback on an idea, or whatever. But, in general, it's getting to know one another (if only by user name) that helps to strengthen a community. We're a diverse lot, with different backgrounds, life experiences, and interests; our posts reflect that. If people aren't interested in a so-called "off topic" topic, they can skip over it.

Btw, there's a good book that examines some American success stories, a dozen case histories of companies, churches, towns, or other entities where that sense of community made all the difference.

Of course, there's also the fact that it's Nystrom's site and he can do whatever he wants with it!

But okay, having said all that... :P Ever read Naom Chomsky's opinion on the deleterious consequences to the culture from our preoccupation with sports? Here's an excerpt from the section where he discusses it in "Understanding Power." Funny, his anecdote on growing up in Philadelphia. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IlVrMb_qYI

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

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Thank you

Thank you for your answer.

The Daily Paul is one big giant experiment, and we're all in it together!

The one thing we all have in common is that we all supported Ron Paul in 08 and/or '12. Aside from that, we're a pretty diverse crowd.

But the one thing I consider everyone here is a friend.

He's the man.

Thank *you*


When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

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Anyone here see the Frontline documentary

last week on the brain damage NFL players end up with.

The coverups were crazy, I can't help wonder how and if it will change the way the game is played.

Already is

Kickoffs returns are almost a relic now.

Saints vs. Pats

New Englands interior D-line is paper thin and the receiving core is borderline average. RB Ridley is hurt and questionable to play and Vereen is still out for more than a month. New Orleans wins this one 28-20.

The only real shot the Pats have is if they run the ball 35 times to keep the Saints offense off the field.

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— Henry St. John

Don't forget what the Saints did with the Bears.

N.O. doesn't have a time clock sucking ground game, but they made up for that with screens and other short catch and runs.

It just might be Brees who keeps the Pats offense on the bench.

Saints by 10+.

Bengal fan here...

We got Buffalo today on the road. D-E-F-E-N-S-E will get 'er done.

The Patriots and Tom Brady got a taste of our D last week and our best pass rusher was out with a concussion...he is back today though!

I think the Seahawks are the team to beat in the NFC...of course them Saints are pretty good too.


; )

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