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NFL Week 6 - Sunday, October 13, 2013: Open Thread

This week I'm watching two games:

- Saints at Patriots.
- Redskins at Cowboys.

Saints at Patriots - What kind of a team is this Patriots team? Is it a fighter, or a lay-down-and-dier? This is a big game for the Pats. We don't know much about this team. It is only Week 6 and practically the whole offense is new. The defense is looking good. But the team is just plagued - plagued and riddled with injuries. Can it rally? Or is it a wasted year for Brady, who's clock is ticking? (Maybe he can go to the Broncos after Manning)

Redskins at Cowboys -Remember my friend who just quit his job? He's a huge Cowboys fan. Since he was in grade school. It is almost pathological.

Anyway, after he quit his job, he took a trip to the West Coast and had a blast! Then he returned to reality and realized he needed to find a job. He's having an interesting adventure. I am there for moral support and to hear firsthand, tales of his adventures. He's a poet with his words.

He has a love-hate relationship with the Cowboys. It is truly a drama, and it is amusing. I enjoy spending time with him, so I watch a lot of Cowboys games with him.

And of course I have a great interest in RGIII. That will be an interesting game.

- - - -

Additionally I'll be keeping my eye on Seattle. Always Seattle. That's my hometown. You never forget your home town.

And of course Denver. SF, I have some interest in. Indianapolis as well. Of course Green Bay. And that is about it.

Who are you watching, and why?

- - - - -

(btw, I fully understand, and expect to get downvoted to hell on this thread. I don't care. I'm going to make it a weekly feature. :Q)

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GO CARDINALS, dodgers eat

GO CARDINALS, dodgers eat goat meat for dinner.

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Scherzer Tonite! :)

I quit watching a few years back.

I was also a Cowboys fan from my youth. But I am not living in a hole so I still see what is going on from time to time.

Tell your friend that he will only have disappointment as long as Tony Romo is quarterback. I've seen it before with Danny White. Big numbers but always chokes in the pinch. Funny thing is that they will never lay blame where it belongs.

I heard about last weekends loss to Denver on a Romo interception in the last minutes and I told my wife "I sure am glad I don't watch that crap any more because that would have made me pull my hair out."

Anyway have fun. Hope your team wins.


During that wild Broncos v Cowboys game, I remember joking with my wife that Romo will probably snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Sure enough.

But, I will say that if it wasn't for Romo, the Broncos would have won 48 to 7.

You could say that.

"But, I will say that if it wasn't for Romo, the Broncos would have won 48 to 7."

But I say with a different quarterback the Boys may have won 55 to 48.

Tight games are tight games and some people just choke when things get tight.


Romo was razor sharp for 3 quarters and 12 minutes. He made a dozen spectacular, pinpoint throws and threw for over 500 yards. If you think the stiff that plays backup for the Cowboys could have done comparabel you are not rational.

But Romo is ALWAYS sharp for 97.5% of the game...

and then BLOWS it with a bone-head, or dare I say CHOKE play...

Glad my Gmen got their rings while their window was open.

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He took apart

the Skins, and he'll do the same to the Eagles.

Then, a week off to heal our defense.

He blew it when it counts...

He blew it last year against rookie RG3 in the final game to make the playoffs, when it counted. So what if he beats a couple of .500 or sub .500 division rivals he sees every year,early in the regular season. If the 'boys don't make the playoffs this year, with the Gmen & 'skins beat up and playing badly, and the iggles with a new coach and 2 QBs, then they will never win anything in the Romo era. This could be Dallas' year, but only by default. And Romo will likely still choke, and Vick will win the NFC East.

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You sound like the MSM

Check NFL.com ..... No Cowboys

Romo is still the best in the 4th quarter.

Enjoy the time in the cellar.

The MSM?! The same MSM that anually bones over the Cowboys?

I sound like a Giants fan, and like someone that has watched football for the last 23+ years.

Romo is NOT the best in the 4th, that is laughable, lol, he is a CHOKE ARTIST!

I'll enjoy getting the #1 or #2 pick in the draft next year, to take Clowney, and restore our pass rush... and I'll watch highlights of our 2 Superbowl wins since '07, the most in the NFL, and the reg. season and playoff wins over the 'boys to get there, both times...

Have fun making the playoffs by default only to get bounced in the wild card round. Oh wait, the Iggles will probably win the division anyway...

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As someone who started watching 40 years ago

I have to agree with your assessment. And I was a staunch Cowboys fan all those years.

As a side note I thought it was treason when Jerry Jones brought in the Big Fish as head coach for the Boys. And even though I don't really watch the game any more I still can't stand the Eagles or their chicken shit fans.

Yeah, those Tuna years for the 'Boys never really worked out...

Actually nothing has really worked our for Dallas in years.
I just remember Quincy Carter was your starting QB, lol. Then you guys brought in Bledsoe, and discovered Romo waiting in the wings.

The Giants weren't very good for those years, either. Couple of playoff births between the two teams, in that era, nothing else. Although the Gmen went to the SB vs. the Ravens and got destroyed in 2000-2001, can't remember if that was Parcells year for the 'boys.

Parcells was great for us, I can see why you'd think that was treasonous. 2 of our 4 rings came under Parcells.

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He was a good coach for ya'll.

Tuna, hehe, I said Fish. Sorry. I really couldn't remember.

Sorry your guys are doing so bad this year. I couldn't believe it when I looked at the standings. That's gotta hurt.

Look at the bright side though. Seriously, you are only 3 games out of first place with ten games to go. Oh how the mighty NFC East has fallen.

Yeah, it sucks this year, thanks.

Second worst start in franchise history. Last time was 1976, went 0-7 and the Maras fired the head coach. Arsnslinger or Arnsberger or something like that.

I've never been a Tom Coughlin fan. Would like to see some new blood.
I think if we brought in Bill Cowher a few years ago we'd have at least one more SB under our belt. Maybe grass just looks greener on the other side.

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Tunnel vision much?

Check the numbers. Romo is the best in the 4th. If you have different numbers, please share.

The funny part is, that all of your criticisms more closely reflect the QB of the gee-men.

Be bitter, but, be real.

Be real?

What's more real than 2 Super Bowl W's, against Tom Brady and the Pats no less, and 2 SB MVPs, versus only 1 playoff W ever for Romo?

Romo chokes. Any true football fan knows they don't have stats for everything, and stats don't tell the whole story.

If you play fantasy football, then go ahead and claim Romo is good, but when it comes to winning something that actually matters, Romo has done exactly zilch.

Leave Eli alone, the poor guy.

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Keep projecting

It's the 2013 season.
If we're going to live in the past, I'll have to post a photo of those five trophies.

btw, have you picked a game on the schedule that the gee-men could actually win in 2013?

the present 2013 season, as a Gmen fan, is not an option.

We can beat the Raiders (hopefully) and we play Washington twice.

We also play the Cowbitches one more time, and if we beat them, I will consider this season NOT a total loss.

Clearly, there is no way I can defend an 0-6 team. But I can rip on Romo, which never gets old.

And how old were you the last time Dallas won a SB? That was nearly 20 years ago. We've won 2 & been to 3 since the last time the 'boys have competed for one.

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My last son

was born in the summer of '92, just before the boys did the three out of four.

Times change.

I never said anything about the backups.

Like I said I don't watch any more. Romo choked and has shown his propensity for choking when it counts. I in no way insinuated that one of the backups could have come in to save the day.

If the Cowboys had gotten rid of Romo a few years back when it became obvious that he is a choker then the whole dynamic of the team would have changed. The game would have been completely different in approach and most likely execution.

I'm not saying that they would be winners without him, I am just saying that they never will be with him.

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But what is the proper role of violence in a society?

Go pats! They should get destroyed against the saints, but for the last decade it has been a fools game to bet against them.

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As a Seahawk fan, I will be

As a Seahawk fan, I will be watching the Pats game closely. If Brady can find someone reliable to throw to, they will be more of a threat late in the season. Im guessing the Seahawks will be facing off against either the Pat or Broncos in the Super Bowl, so it'll be interesting to see how Belichick and Payton try to out-trick one another. Learning from Rob Ryan's defense early in the season will be key to the Seahawks beating them in December and possibly the playoffs.

S.F. 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals

2 good defenses battle in San Francisco but Arizona cannot score enough to beat the niners..

S.F. wins 20-15 in defensive battle..

The NFC Weat is the toughest division in football this year.

Game of the week is Saints vs. New England..

I hate the Saints and I love Tom Brady ball. Upset in the making. Brady is pissed and that is bad news for Drew Breez and the Saints.

Cowboys dispose of Redskins..I predict Cowboys win their division..

Ravens beat Packers in another upset..


I love the Aints

My Mom was a huge Saints fan.. decades she stuck with what I teased her as The Aint's.. she passed away just days before they won the 2010 Superbowl.. I think she was on the team that night.. so now they are my Saints.

Anyone notice the military

Anyone notice the military jets still doing the flyovers at the end of the national anthem? So much for the government shutdown.

My prediction for tomorrow...

Saints rip the Pats a new one, the Skins beat the Cowboys late in the 4th quarter (Romo pulls another boehner with 2 minutes left), tens of thousands of people will get felt up by the TSA as they enter stadiums with their little 12 inch clear plastic bags....and the top fantasy player for the week...

Leon Sandcastle


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My Vikings of course (despite my exile from my native state) as anyone who knows me can tell you. I like writing about 'em along with other parts of the NFL too: http://subsidiaritytimes.com/2013/10/11/minnesota-vikings-by...

Seattle, Denver, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Houston, San Diego, Carolina are all worth watching too.

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Skol Vikings!

Up North... in the Norris Division.

Nice sentiments by Chris Berman opening Sunday NFL Countdown for Adrian Peterson and family regarding his loss of his 2 year old son.

All my best wishes for AP all day.

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There is no duration defined in the Oath

Goooooooooo, Vikings!

Alan Page, my hero. ( Ya, that is how old I am ).

My Gmen already lost... again...

I live in SC now (from southwest CT) so I had to find a way to watch for free w/out going to the bar by myself at 1:00pm on Sundays... though the game this week was Thursday...


- can find Live Streaming of ANY game, any team, any sport, anywhere.....

You'll have to delete some tricky, annoying pop-up ads, but you'll get to watch any game you want for free, if you are not in the broadcast region... You'll thank me later.....

I always use a HDMI wire/cord to hook up the laptop to my big screen tv. I suggest using this method if you can, to watch your team on tv, if you're outside the broadcast region.

I will also help out the DP on watching free movies, including bootlegs of movies still in theatres...


NO Cost, NO sign up, just watch... will have to delete annoying pop-ups, but good quality on most movies that have already been released on video, bootlegs are various quality..
Anymovie you want to watch just type in 'watch "name of movie" viooz' in the search key, and it should pop right up... or go to viooz.co/ to see what's new out and check out the site...

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